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    question about AI

    Hi. I was just wondering about monsters AI. How good is it? will monsters tacticly work together, or does they just rush in, like in most games? and is there a different in how they attack, like some monster types work together, because they are in a tribe or in an army( like a group of orcs or something) and animals and monsters without much intelligents dont work together?
    And lastly, does you see animals/monsters attack each other? that would be very cool if they did. I mean why should an undead work together with a wolf or something like that.



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    From my experience has a defined tactic for which opponent they chose. I know some of my fellow tester knows more about this, but I think it somewhat depends on these factors:

    • Range - who's the nearest opponent?
    • Enemy health - who's easiest to kill?
    • Enemy power - who can cause most damage?

    Often enemies seem to target spellcasters first.

    To your second question, I can tell you that monsters indeed fight among themselves. Charr always fights Devourers. Actually Charr seems to fight anyone than themselves.
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    The AI for the monsters is far greater than I've seen in any game. The factors that BenDover mentioned certainly seems true and they will also consider which character may have the weakest armor as well. I've often seen the monsters rush right past warriors just to zero in on an elementalist or monk (I've been the victim of that plenty of times, lol).

    Yep, the charr seem to like to pick fights with anyone or anything that is not their own kind. Sometimes gargoyles and devourers or stone elementals will work together to fight the charr, which is something you can sometimes use to your advantage or deliberately try to cause.

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    There also seems to be a good deal of randomisation in place - this isn't WoW, where if a priest casts one tiny heal spell, every monster that wasn't attacked will begin to wail on him.

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    Well, I'm not in the alpha, but from what I saw in E-3, some monsters liked to stay in packs- you could encounter a group of gryphons and run away to try to string them out, but as soon as you lost one, the others would drop back to stay together, making it impossible to only fight with one of them(which was mightily annoying with my weak monk trying to get around to resurrect all of my teammates, and scarcely able to fight one, much less 3 of them).
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    Yeah, in situations like that, it is really handy to have the monk skill, Rebirth (Resurrect target party member, teleporting him to your current location. All of target's skills are disabled for 30 seconds. This spell consumes all your remaining energy.).

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    Supposedly the biggest factor for many of the monsters is whoever is weakest, usually monk or elementalist. I have also seen packs of monsters fighting, mostly char fighting the scorpion things in the patch. I think ive also seen something fighting the dwarves in the mountain areas. I cant remember what though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chantal Dubois
    Yeah, in situations like that, it is really handy to have the monk skill, Rebirth (Resurrect target party member, teleporting him to your current location. All of target's skills are disabled for 30 seconds. This spell consumes all your remaining energy.).
    Heh- coincidentally, that was the ressurection skill I used- though we ended up being saved eventually to the last remaining gryphon chasing me into a corner(as the last living party member once again), but then getting stuck behind a couple of trees- I was able to take it out with my spells and bow and then resurrect my party members yet again.... needless to say, I didn't have too great of a party on that mission- warriors who would charge into the middle of like 5 high-level enemies and expect the lone monk to keep them all alive somehow.

    I'm looking forward to finding a good guild for the release, where I should have some quality people to play with, as opposed to the E3 event, where most of my friends were busy or having computer/internet difficulties and were unable to play. I'm thinking of possibly applying to SOW, but I'm waiting to see what my local friends are wanting to do....
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    As more and more monsters are being added to the game, I am seeing a few more that do fight each other. Just wanted to let you know that it isn't just the Charr anymore. :)

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    Monsters have a very strong group mentality. While it is possible to pull a group apart, it's rare and much more difficult than in most MMOs.

    Once the monsters are aggro'ed they seem to "scan" their range for the weakest character. What exactly factors into "weakest" is unknown, however armor does appear to be a major factor. If there's only one character in the range and that character happens to be a fighter, that's the character the monster aggros on to. In this case, if a caster character stays at the full spell range, they can usually avoid the monster aggro'ing on to them. If, however, they move too close when casting, the monsters will sometimes stop fighting the Warrior and instead attack the caster.

    As the others said, many of the monsters do indeed attack each other. There are "chickens" for example that will often start attacking a monster that hurts it (for example a monster using an area of effect attack when the chicken is inside that area of effect).

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