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    Backlash The Lost

    Finding a Guild in GW

    After participating in WPE and the first beta weekend, one question keeps arising. How to find a decent PvP oriented, yet fun, guild? While getting random invites in the tomb of primevil kings to guilds is a common occurence, it doesn't lend itself to a proper matching of individual to guild.

    So here is the post-babble question: How did YOU find your guild, and should there be an in-game feature to support the way you were recruited? :spy:

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    I think it's good enough the way it is. If you'll join any guild, you'll just accept any random invitation, and if it has to be specific, you'll either make your own or join a guild that you know. i.e. members have been questing or pvping with you and they recommend you, and you accept because those members have explained the guild's requirements and specifics to you. There will be some people RPing, so if you want to be in an RP guild, you'll probably get to know a few after spending some time RPing; etc.

    I think linking people to guilds should be done the social way, as those guilds will interact more not because they want to do the same things, but because they've talked, and know eachother. If all you want to do in your guild is pvp, and you're not in a guild yet, just pvp and you'll find one.

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