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Thread: Watermelon Love

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    Watermelon Love


    Yeah. It's odd. Like a defiling of nature.

    EDIT: Huh, so "r@pe" isn't allowed.
    -- Scaper-X

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    That uh... That's odd alright.

    and no, r@pe isnt allowed, as well as a few other "choice" words. IIRC, ******, which rhymes with "Anchor" with a W in front is blocked too

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    So.....I take it noone has ever heard of masterbating with a watermelon? I've known about this for years. Never tried it....kinda....doesnt suit my style lol. I'm more of a vegetable guy :lol: . Though I know of a few people that have done this. Heh.

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    So apparently the curious film doesn't lie. Watermelons can (and are) grown square.

    Looking for a site to corroborate this.
    -- Scaper-X

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    Gardening is a bit of a hobby of mine. Coming from a long line of farmers thats not unexpected. Point is all types of squash can be nurtured into a certain form.

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