After much thought, I decided I wanted to make a guild for myself. Name: Shattered Glass Advocation {S.G.A.}.

My main focus is PvP. I would like a crew that is very tactically oriented. The use of Teamspeak and/or Ventrilo is required. I am not picky about what character class you use, as long as you can use it effectively in a team, it will be welcomed, no questions.

I really have no rules, besides the clan being present whenever I request or we agree on a guild battle, or battle at the Tombs. The rest is gravvy as they say.

I don't plan on making you feel confined either. I was also hoping that members would be willing to help each other out. Like I said, the main focus is PvP, but there's nothing stopping us from having fun doing missions, and exploring, or whatever.

My main character is a Ranger/Elementalist known as Third Archer of Old. You might have seen me, or you might not. Anyway, post up here if you are willing. Or e-mail me at if you don't feel like displaying your information here.

Form for joining:

First name:
Character name:
Character class: