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Thread: I so Dumb

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    I so Dumb

    About two weeks ago I lost my car keys... Which I just found tonight... In the backpack I carry EVERY DAY. How lame, eh?

    LOL @ me.

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    Hmmm well 1 time I got up in the morning and put in my contacts and they were a lil blurry but I didn't think much of that cause it happens sometimes especially with a hangover... Well they stayed that way all day so when I got home I decided to clean them and er I had 2 pair in ... :xmad:

    Dria wOOT !!! :xsmile5:

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    I guess stuff happens... But it's just so embarrassing sometimes to find out that the solution to a problem is so easy. On the other hand, it's really funny to tell stories later.

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    One time when my mom went to gym, and I didnt notice her leave, I called her cuz I couldn't find house keys ( I wanted to go out). Sec after I called her, I head a phone ringing, and went to answer the phone... I said : Hello? nothing... complete silence... I cut it off. I ringed my mom again, and at same time the phone started ringing... I answered with ' Hello?' again, yet still, nothing. It happend 2 times more, and only then, i realised i was answering MY MOMS CELL ON WHITCH I WAS CALLING FROM MINE!!

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