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Thread: Dii realm

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    Dii realm

    I was wondering what realm you guys play on, would like the chance to duel, quest run what have you with some of you guys. I am mostly on my pallies when i am on dueling some place. On useast, mosty nl but i havent play since maybe a week before the new runewords came out


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    This is a GuildWars guild....

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    Heh, you've got the wrong forum there, buddy. This is not a Diablo 2 guild, though the founders are D2 veterans.

    Be sure to check out the Clan Honor forum in the Diablo 2 forums, if you're into legit dueling. It's mostly active on UsWest NL, but occasionally has duels on East NL as well.
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    this i do realize i am in the guild for gw, just over the weekend i heard some goin back to play d2. since we don't get gw's for a couple more weeks more. but oh well


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    Plottski dont worry, I think the others just got a little confused. This post would probably be better suited in an OT thread or section, but since we have neither it seems logical that posting it was not a mistake. This is a GW guild, and you know this obviously but since you wanted to find out info from your guild mates, the forum would be the place to do it.

    USeast, Ladder is what I play whenever I play D2 anymore. But you probably wont see me on often.

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