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    I drink Coke Zero. All other variations on coke scare me.

    But I love Wild Cherry Pepsi.

    I tried the vanilla cherry whatever Dr. Pepper and I hated it.

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    Dr Pepper is perfect as it is.....no need for that vanilla cherry stuff.

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    Chocolate milkshakes FTW!!!!!!!!!

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    I love the avy, Auntie

    OOOH! I want a milkshake!!

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    Lime Coke launched in the States the weekend of my first anniversary. The Mrs. and I were in Chicago and there were people passing out 20 oz bottles free on every street corner on Michigan Ave to promote it! It was a hot day so it was really nice. I must have had about 10 of them. Didn't really care for Lime Coke after that....

    Anyway we just cleared the 5 year anniversary so it looks like you guys are behind the times over there Min.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Martian
    Anyway we just cleared the 5 year anniversary so it looks like you guys are behind the times over there Min.

    We're always behind here..

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    Milkshakes: an easy way to get Metroid to be your friend :P. (I love milkshakes :O).

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    My computer got screwed up due to a power outage too, one time. After a multitude of various different tests, I was unable to locate where the problem was coming from. So I just got a new computer, with old drives. Only this time around, I also spent a little over $100 to buy myself a nice UPS. So now, whenever my power goes out, my comp can run on battery power for a while.

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    Managed to get the old comp working properly again (it now remembers its got a network card..) So I've got the net temporarily (i.e. till the uni turn it off again).

    When I got back yesterday at about 9 I just lay down on the bed and slept, I havent done that in a good few months, been able to just lye down and sleep that is.

    Think I'll start the search for a decent pair of shorts today, if the weather continues like this its shorts or the full monty ^_^

    I'm into Pepsi Max atm as it doesn't have much (they say any but you know its a lie) sugar and also doesnt leave me wanting more all the time. Coke always seems to do that...Still for Coke, you can't beat Coke out of a can, no idea why that is, but it always seems to taste better that way.
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    It's true, Coke in a can is better than coke in a bottle. Speaking of which, I'm thirsty!

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