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    For whatever they did, GW got nicely 2 awards from PC Gamer magazine latest issue, i.e. Best 2005 MMO and Best Value. So you can rant as much as you like, Tsume, only the wind will hear you.
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    W00t!!!!! Lvl 34!!!!!

    Sex does indeed sell and that is the main problem with the marketing strategy of many different products these days. Most of this, in my opinion, is because the majority of game buyers are male and a vast majority of them are more attracted to female characters in the game than the males. It would also seem that they have spent more time on designing the female characters in the games than they spend on the male characters. The majority of them just look better. But, these are just my own opinions so don't take these observations as the ultimate truths.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freawaru
    You might be familiar with border guards that'll let you cross over for a simple payment, but I assure you that you couldn't pony up enough money to enter my undiscovered country if you tried.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parkerbsb
    I also agree, they are putting way to much emphasis on the female models rather than the male ones (it may be because most of the male models are awful in game tho...)
    I was going to stay out of this convo, except that I have to say that there are male models that look ok (and some even more than ok). I mean, yes, the warriors are a bit stereotypic and the elementalists do look foppish. Oh, and the monks mainly look the same. Afraid I can't say much about the rangers faces, though they do have some nice armours, I think. However, I do think that the mesmers and the necros at least have some really nice armours (in fact, both genders of mesmers have the nicest looking armour ingame, in my opinion) and if you can look beyond the whole mesmer snottyness and the fact that some necros look diseased - they also have nice faces. As for the new professions, I know I saw a male assassin who was simply soo cute (yes, I know it's just pixels), so it would seem they can too make really nice-looking male models.

    In conclusion, this was a random sort of ramble about the male models. I don't claim to have absolute knowledge about female preferences etc etc, but in my humble opinion, there are some rather awful female models, too.

    /end on-topicness in the OT thread.

    Umm, so OT things.. Drats, I don't think there's anything really interesting going on, so you'll have to make do with this funny comic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parkerbsb
    Edit: am I the only one that likes the ticker? I mean if you don't like it just scroll down a little so it's not visible, but I think it's pretty cool
    Yes, you are

    I'm really upset with the warrior male models. Is it possible to have the guys NOT look like gorrilas that have had too much testosterone. The warriors look okay if they have platemail armor (the one that covers their whole body, including the face). But with gladiator armor on ... the whole "nipple" thing is just disturbing. I remember a while back CGW did Tom vs Bruce on GW, and Tom made an interesting remark that his warrior looks like a "construction worker", which I wholeheartedly agree with.

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    AAAAAAnnnnndddd lets not turn this into the CD forum...for my sake...

    Min the link didn't work *tear*

    Ticker...don't like it? ignore it...Hurt's my eyes after beign awake for 10 minutes and thats the first blurry glimpse of the thing I've had lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    AAAAAAnnnnndddd lets not turn this into the CD forum...for my sake...

    Min the link didn't work *tear*
    Are you sure you don't want us to do that for you? You know, to make you feel more at "home" even when you're among us, hmm? I, for one, think this would be an excellent idea - you love that forum, I know you do.

    Linky no worky you say? Let's see what I can do about that... *goes to look up the url again* Darn it, IE is being wonky, but the main page is http://giantitp.com if I'm not mistaken.

    Edit: The link works fine for me (though for some reason it takes forever to load). Try the main page instead?

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    that thing...takes...forever...

    To the faster laoding comics!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    that thing...takes...forever...
    So go make a cup of tea and some toast while it loads.

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    I am now fairly sure that the ticker lags me. Every time it's on my screen and I want to scroll down, it lags.

    Oh and I'm not complaning about the sexy portrayal of female avatars in the game. I really liked the male assassin's armor and look with the default armor this past factions preview. Looked like something out of Mortal Kombat and Deus Ex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parkerbsb

    Meh I don't really care for the whole sex sells campaign, but it's not like it affects my enjoyment of the game.
    Well it effects mine for some reason. I just don't enjoy playing with a character who must have her boobs showing and midrift accessible to eyes 24/7. I really wish there was more customizability in terms of what armor you get to wear/look of your character. Now we have several sets, and mixing and matching generally looks a bit shabby. Have you seen Warriors? Knights Boots are a must have, Stonefist Gauntlets if your a Hammer warrior. Gladiators on everything else except some like myself prefer 85 armor vs all (Dragon Hauberk) on the chest as opposed to the extra energy, plus I can't stand to see my nipples..... I feel oh so protected...

    Parker and Tsume are standing atop the mountain, Tsume in his traditional Knights boots, Gladiators arms and leggings, and Habuerk chest armor and Parker in his glorious full Gladiator attire....both have rediculously stupid helmets that all look alike for the +1 bonus.

    Tsume: "I tried to tell you Parker, you really shouldn' thave worn that out here..."
    Parker: "How was I supposed to know it was gonna be cold.....well I suppose we are on top of a mountain......altitude and all that.....damn....good thing science wasn't invented yet, so I can't really be faulted for my ignorance"
    Tsume: "I suppose thats true...still....I mean ...geez man...put those things away. You make me miss your fiance."
    Parker: "STFU man!"
    Tsume: "hahahaha"

    2 hours later......

    Parker is sitting atop a rock, his head rested on his closed fists, sobbing. Tsume stands back, folded over, resting his body weight on his sword which is planted firmly in the ground....

    Parker: *sobbing* "I can't....I can't believe they did that!"
    Tsume: "Yah...geez man....I...dunno what to tell you...tough luck. Who would've thought we'd run into Troggs up here"
    Parker: "I told you we could have just went for a walk around the town but nooo you had to climb a mountain."
    Tsume: "Well how was I supposed to know we'd run into Trogg...sides if you would have worn some different armor, that parried sword would have hit platemail instead of....nipple..."*burrys head into arms and laughs*
    Parker: "Stop laughing you *******"
    Tsume: *still laughing, trying to talk through laughter* "Dude, wait till the guild heres about this. Can't believe a Trogg fricken sliced off your nipple. WTF are you wearing that sizzy chest peice for anyway"
    Parker: "You're wearing the skirt!"
    Tsume: "It's a kilt.....this is a kilt, you *******. Don't take it out on me, Mr. One Nip McGee."
    Parker: "The merchant told me this armor had magical properties and would serve me better than full mail...."
    Tsume: "If by 'serving better' he meant 'leave prone to getting stabbed, slashed, and nipple severing', yah....well done. *snickers* Sign me up, heh"
    Parker: "I hate you"
    Tsume: "Me too buddy...me too. Anyway, I hope you kept the receit. And you should patch that thing up. You've lost an awful lot of blood up here."

    Yah. Definatley think than 5 faces and 6 hairstyles/colors could be improved upon. And I'd love it if you could select whatever armors you want, and then select the modifications seperatley. Have a base price for all teirs of armor, like the level ranges, the FoW armors, etc. Then have the extra costs come from the attributes you pick. Or vice versa.... Give the attributes the base price and make the styles what varies.

    I like to be functional, but I also like to look good, as in the way i want my character to look. Although Guild Wars is noted as being not item based, my selection is still very limited for my goals, and indeed restricted to select items. Simply because 100 items arnt avaible, doesn't mean there sitll isnt 1 particular that is needed.

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