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    There would be times when I drop, I would ask my mom or dad wether they dropped or not, they would say no. There are other times when I am unable to reconnect, so I stay disconnect, I go downstairs to check the two other computers and their internet is still running fine. The way to get my computer reconnected is that I have to reset the modem and router (turning off their power).

    Today I am going to try to setup my wireless modem only on my computer and see how it works. If I still can't get it setup, I'll try setting up the basic dsl modem on only my computer.

    I am not sure how much longer does hunter and his guildies not mind that I suddenly dropped. Once they do mind, I won't have a chance to check if I got my connection fixed.

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    When I had the problem, the Xbox was disconnected but not the PC (i.e. still accessing the internet). Turn Off/On the Xbox wouldn't help unless I cycled the router. It turned out the problem was with the cable modem but not the router. I would suggest at least try to play on other PCs and see if you get the same behavior as yours or not.

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    I don't think this has been asked before... but have these disconnections happened when you're not playing Guild Wars? Perhaps with another online game?

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    Anyone noticed how our OT thread always end up on techi stuff? :lol:

    Now if you'll excuse me I'm about to go bombard little children with water balloons because they're throwing things at cars on the road opposite...
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    Dii is filled with smart people, that's why!

    Here's an updated and summary of the current situation:

    - Sudden random disconnects. Lasts for a second or two (assuming I am getting reconnected in that period.)
    - Only my computer gets affected by it. My computer is the only one running Guild Wars. BUT these disconnects happen even when I am not ingame.
    - I didn't have this problem awhile back. (no major changes have been made in terms of connection hardware.)

    Methods tried:
    - Various ISPs changed
    - Phone line been fixed several times
    - Formatted
    - Have my computer host the Internet
    - Turning off Firewalls/Antivirus/Trillian/Steam/etc.
    - Resetting/Dump Modem/Router
    - Changing Ethernet cards
    - Hookup only my computer to the Internet (modem only)
    - Other minor changes which I can't remember

    Current methods that I have not yet tried:
    - Try a different modem (trying my old dsl modem tonight. if that doesn't work, I'll try the wireless modem again but I can't set it up with the software, I'll try a manual setup.)
    - Upgrade Firmware of the router (it's a Smc vbr7004 btw, I am not sure why I thought it was a LinkSys all this time. I am not sure if I want to upgrade the firmware.)

    Yesterday I tried running modem only, I GvG'ed 4 games without any problem. I thought I had finally figured out the problem. When I was saying g'nite to people on MSN, I noticed the sudden blinking on the dsl light (turned orange then back to green), I quickly checked my Internet and noticed that I dropped. ARGH!!! So it's not the router... Ethernet card? But I've changed ethernet cards already, can it be such bad luck that both were not good? It can't be the ISP since only my computer has this problem... or can it?

    edit: Ok I just dropped when I was listening to SomaFM (Internet Radio) and browsing with a different modem! ARGH! But oddly enough, Trillian and Ventrilo didn't... I am so confused.
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    Soo trillian and vent didn't disconnect from the internet but everything else did???

    Have you boughten ANY sony cd's latley?

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    Hey Parker, how you doing?

    Hahaha, no I didn't buy any Sony thing lately. I think it was just such a short disconnect, Vent and Trillian didn't lose its connection. If I was playing guild wars at the time, I guess it might have been a bit more severe.

    Ok I am trying my wireless modem now, nothing else connected to it besides my computer! *crosses fingers*

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    Oh dear, what's the world coming to if we in our quiet little corner of the world can't even keep our embarrassing news items to ourselves? :rolleye2:

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    Min, what's going on over there?

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