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    The Deadalus Project

    Don't know if you guys and gals have heard about this project before, but I hadn't (prior to reading about in the OT forum... ;) ).

    Anyway, I think that the ongoing survey Nick Yee has created concerning how people play MMORPGs is very interesting, as are its results. I also did the Motivations Assessment, just to see how I'd do, as I find this kind of online test immensly fascinating. And my scores were:

    Achievement components (overall: 3%)
    Advancement: 2%
    Mechanics: 7%
    Competition: 24%

    Social components (overall: 98%)
    Chat: 98%
    Relate: 81%
    Teamwork: 94%

    Immersion components (overall: 91%)
    Discovery: 76%
    Role-Playing: 71%
    Customization: 94%
    Escapism: 85%

    So, there you have it - the real me :D ! Of course, I don't know if the rest of you agree with these scores, but I for one find them quite accurate. If there is anyone else out there wanting to take this assessment or read about the project etc, here are two links:

    Motivations Assessment: http://www.nickyee.com/daedalus/archives/001307.php
    Main Page: http://www.nickyee.com/daedalus/

    And finally, a "challenge" of sorts: Is anyone else in this guild willing to take the assessment and share their results?

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    Achievement Components (overall 6%)
    Advancement: 7%
    Mechanics: 21%
    Competition: 10%

    The Socializing Component (overall 1%)
    Chat: 0%
    Relate: 9%
    Teamwork: 23%

    The Immersion Component (overall 14%)
    Discovery: 4%
    Role-Playing: 30%
    Customization: 26%
    Escapism: 59%

    Not quite as accurate in my case. The test makes the assumption that people taking it are normal in most ways.

    The Achievement Components score seems about right because, I donít place that great of a value on it. I also donít have an urge to move quickly in a game and, tend to stop and smell the corpses when I can (so to say).

    The Socializing Component is where the score comes out wrong. I lack the typing skills to interact very well in a game and, that affects my pleasure in interacting with other players. I mostly just observe other conversations but, in many games I also have difficulty in seeing the printed text because of poor eyesight. The way I answered some of the questions based upon these facts; made the conclusion from the test somewhat off.

    The Immersion Component is fairly close to the mark with one difference. The test indicated that I placed a high value on the visual aspects of the game. I however base most of my actions and, responses on sounds rather than relying on my eyes as the primary source of information.

    Good test overall.

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    Achievement Components (overall 28%)
    Advancement: 34%
    Mechanics: 13%
    Competition: 60%

    The Socializing Component (overall 45%)
    Chat: 41%
    Relate: 15%
    Teamwork: 86%

    The Immersion Component (overall 9%)
    Discovery: 29%
    Role-Playing: 27%
    Customization: 9%
    Escapism: 7%

    If I redo the test, it'll probably be different.

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    Achievement: 71%
    Advancement: 56%
    Mechanics: 93%
    Competition: 36%

    Socializing: 75%
    Chat: 74%
    Relate: 69%
    Teamwork: 62%

    Immersion: 66%
    Discovery: 94%
    Role-Playing: 54%
    Customization 53%
    Escapism: 15%

    i kinda agree on most points. im not THAT heavily into mechanics though o.o;.

    but yah, thats pretty much me... :lol:

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    Achievement Component: 100%
    Advancement: 100%
    Mechanics: 96%
    Competition: 99%

    Socializing Component: 99%
    Chat: 98%
    Relate: 99%
    Teamwork: 62%

    Immersion Component: 99%
    Discovery: 96%
    Role-Playing: 97%
    Customization: 80%
    Escapism: 85%

    I'd say thats fairly accurate, though the teamwork score seems a little low for my liking. And maybe the mechanics is a little high, i mean i am into them immensley but just not that much :uhhuh:


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    Achievement Component: 82%
    Advancement: 69%
    Mechanics: 75%
    Competition: 89%

    Socializing Component: 84%
    Chat: 67%
    Relate: 88%
    Teamwork: 72%

    Immersion Component: 94%
    Discovery: 88%
    Role-Playing: 91%
    Customization: 68%
    Escapism: 86%

    I had a prof in college that used to split the class into groups based on personality tests, I wonder if you could use this test to create a guild of like minded people... it would be an intresting test into online mentalities...

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    Achievement Component: 16%
    Advancement: 26%
    Mechanics: 4%
    Competition: 53%

    Socializing Component: 15%
    Chat: 4%
    Relate: 9%
    Teamwork: 86%

    Immersion Component: 24%
    Discovery: 22%
    Role-Playing: 57%
    Customization: 42%
    Escapism: 5%

    I guess Im just not as hardcore as some of you other gamers...I just do it because its fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by pirenha
    I guess Im just not as hardcore as some of you other gamers...I just do it because its fun
    I think that is why many of us do this.

    I do not know how accurate these numbers are. But here are mine. But same as Pirenha, I do it because it is fun.

    Achievement percentile rank is 60%
    Socializing percentile rank is 93%
    And your Immersion percentile rank is 4%

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    Overall Assessment:

    The graph above is a visualization of your 3 main motivation components. Your Achievement percentile rank is 80%. Your Socializing percentile rank is 86%. And your Immersion percentile rank is 94%.

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    Here you go:
    Achievement 92%
    Advancement - 83%
    Mechanics - 52%
    Competition - 100%

    Socializing 3%
    Chat - 7%
    Relate - 5%
    Teamwork - 14%

    Immersion 4%
    Discovery - 9%
    Role-Playing - 4%
    Customization - 41%
    Escapism - 9%

    Some are on and some are not.

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