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    Dys Lexia

    Floating henchmen

    While adventuring with henchmen my party was killed and was resurrected. Strangely, one of my henchmen appeared a little ways away high up in the air and was completely unresponsive to any actions taking place. Unfortunately, that henchman was my healer and without a healer and with the DP the rest of the party didn't last long. But now the party can't resurrect because one member is still alive, although not doing anything. We had cleared out most of the monsters in the region and were almost at Serenity Temple, but now it looks like the only solution is to warp back to Ascalon and start all over. In addition to fixing the bug we need other failsafes to avoid this problem. Perhaps a command that automatically warps a henchman to your location, or let's you kick out a henchmen mid mission. Team members should auto-resurrect if a certain amount of time passed since death (say 5 minutes).

    Also, is there any way to summon a GW representative in the game to help figure out and fix these problems in-game? Other MMORPGs I've played have this ability but I can't seem to find it in GW.

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    GW Monkey
    I think that's intentional. I saw it too. Was one guy still alive? I think they travel "in the air" because the AI path following sucks as you may have noticed. So it flies them there. Me and another and a bot all died, spawned at the shrine, and there it goes doing that flying nun thing. Whereas we have to schlep all the way back.

    re: game admins, no. This game is *not* an mmorpg. It's only an illusion. Consider towns a big IRC or AOL chat room, just graphical. The gameplay is much more Diablo-y where it's your own little world with the characters saved on the server. No game admin is coming into your personally spawned zone to fix something. :)

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    I think you're referring about this. I believe they fixed it during the beta because later one when I died in explorable areas as a test the person didn't float anymore.

    Here is the screen shot. Note: Look at teh center energy bar and look above it!

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    This same bug prevented me from exploring my way to Lion's Arch. It was not fixed in the beta, as it was still occurring on the final evening. Reproducing it is easy: Just explore the Snow Ettin caves in the southwest part of the icy area of the world with just yourself and a party of henchmen. Your party will get resurrected at the patform plenty of times, I promise. :) Before too long, you'll find that you aren't resurrected anymore because one wayward henchman is still alive after the rest of your party is killed. You'll be forced to start all over. Very frustrating.

    If ArenaNet can find the bug and fix it before release, that's great. Otherwise, we need a "resign" feature to let the team leader kill off everyone and force an automatic resurrection at the platform. Hopefully, another resurrection would restore wayward henchmen to their proper status.

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    i did have a problem with 3 of my henchies, that btw i love the new looks expet of the warrior it looks like it dont have a neck lol, and the names are cool too.

    but when i was GvG 3 of my guys when they resurrect they appear in out of the battle area where in a space all white. i got the screenie but i dont know how to post it here.=P

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    Same problem here. Go to the Sanctum Cay explore area with a monk hench and a couple others and get your party killed. When you resurrect at the shrine, the monk henchie simply runs off INTO a mountain and just stays there. You can't see her of course (since she's in the mountain) but you see the green dot on the radar.

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