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Thread: Mo/Mes Build

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    Mo/Mes Build

    This monk would be an offensive monk. He would run into battle like a warrior. His main purpose is to deal damage to called targets, while healing himself and his allies that are close by. An offensive character with healing power can help the monks closer to the back not have to run through the battle to heal people.

    Healing Prayers: 10
    Divine Favour: 10
    Illusion Magic: 11

    Illusionary Weapon
    Arcane Conundrum
    Conjure Phantasm
    Signet of Devotion
    Divine Intervention
    Healing Seed
    Orison of Healing
    vigorous spirit

    Just a side not, if you have 3 people casting divine intervention on a target in perfect sequence, it is invincible unless the enchantment is removed.

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    Happy, looks like a great build. A couple comments, take them or send them right back.

    Vigorous Spirit. I tried this spell a bit ago and the 9 health per attack/cast really will not be worth your time. In addition, the 53 health from Orison you will most likely be virtually worthless when you need it. Healing seed, keep in mind you cannot self cast it, if you plan to use it on a nearby ally, goodluck staying in range :) Otherwise, I'm in full support of Illusionary Weaponry, its a great skill. DIvine Intervention would be really cool with this build.

    Im thinking it may be difficult to be casting offensive spells, maintain enchantments, AND heal, but if you can manage it, I'm in full support. Sorry I suggested problems but not substitutions, i'm in a meeting right now :)
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