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    Introduction Thread for New Community Members

    We all love to see new members join the community, and it's always nice when they post a hello, but so often those hellos get lost in the bustle of other discussion. I've started this thread, which will remain stickied, for new members to post their introductions and for older members of the communities to welcome those members. Please make sure everyone feels at home here! :)

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    It would also be nice to see our veteran members to also introduce themselves to the community and the newer members. This is quite a tight-knit and helpful community, so pull up a chair, grab the beverage of your choice and jump right in!

    This site is run by alpha-testers, myself included. It is our pleasure to bring you the latest news, accurate information about the game as well as many fun features to share. Tarrant and I became site staff shortly after the E34E event last year and Fallen joined us not too long after. Recently, Tsume also became site staff and we're happy to have him aboard as well.

    If you have questions, suggestions, ideas, we as well as the rest of the community would love to have you share them with us.

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    I suppose I'll start...

    I've been lurking here since January-ish (my first beta) and you seemed like a nice crowd, so I signed up and starting posting about a month ago.

    About me... My name is Jason, and I'm addicted to Guild Wars. It's been almost two weeks since my last fix. I still get urges. I don't think I'd be able to do it with out all your support. But it's still hard, I just try to take it one day at a time. Does anybody want to cry with me? Or are we supposed to do a group hug first? I'm not sure what the rules are for these things...


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    Guess I am the second non GWOnline staff member to post here. I am Zypher Wynn.
    I am known often to get long winded with some of my post and read more like a professor than a gamer in them. You might find me insightful then again you might find me boring as all get out. :D
    I have been playing Guild Wars since the Oct. WPE and I use to be a Civil Rights Advocate in the real world. I guess that is why my post arguing a point gets long at times.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    My in game names are Frozzen Fire (elementalist) and Frozzen Healer (monk.) I like coming up with builds for a specific goal. (I'm currently working on a build to make necromancer summons last indefinately.) This is my first MMORPG and I look forward to seeing you ingame.

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    GWOnline.Net Member lostchyld's Avatar

    I'm LostChyld. I've been around since shortly after the Dec BWE, I think. It's such a nice group here that I feel like I've been here for years... :D

    I'm a proud gamer chick. Among my favorites are: the X-wing series, Dark Forces, Supaplex, Halo, Final Fantasy, and Disgaea. Guild Wars is, for me, too recent to fit in the list of favorites, but it's close. I also like pen and paper RPG games, D&D and World of Darkness being my two main systems.

    Right now, I'm a student at STI, majoring in Computer Programming. My languages are Java, VB.Net, and C++. My plans after graduation are to move to Denver and attend Westwood Technical College for their bachelor's degree in Game Design. My career goal is to eventually be employed as a game developer by a company like ArenaNet.

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    Im the third GWO staff member to introduce themselves ;)

    My name is Fallen, and you can call me God. *deflates ego* Anyway, I am 19 years old, fluent in HTML, XHTML (not that they differ much), JavaScript and C++. I want to learn PHP but i need to find the time first.

    I am currently a 2nd semester freshman at University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, majoring in Computer Information Systems. I have a girlfriend named Kerry, and we will be going out for 5 months on April 1st.

    I uh... yea... dont know what else to say other than I love GuildWars, GWOnline.net and the community we have here ;)

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    oook. hello, if u need any assistance in the game i will be glad to help u out. my name in the game is Mercenary Totenkopf. and i am here since january and i did play every beta in GW and still we have lots to learn so i know what the newcomers pains of learning the game.(usually where is the skill trader,lol)

    i hope that the newcomers have fun as we have. :clap: :D

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    Hello to all. I have been playing Guild Wars from the first WPE -way back when. I was immediately addicted to it. I found this site back in Oct, and jioned in Nov, and although I browsed through the threads daily, I really didn't start posting until Jan or Feb. I love this site and became a Paypal Supporter because I know that this isn't cheap to run (Hint: Please help support something that helps everyone -because where else can you argue with some one over opinions one day, and then stand beside them and kill something the next.)

    Sorry for the rambling here- I play "Master of Might" -W/Mo & "Durus Sagitta" -R/E, so if anyone is "in the Game" and needs someone, well then look me up.

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    Hi everybody! The first time I played GW was in the E3 for everyone event. I thought "wow this game is pretty cool", but then I heard nothing about the game anymore... until that fateful encounter with an ad in a gaming website...

    So then I learnt that there would be WPE going on in November! The experience was fantastic that made me hooked to this game even more. After that WPE I started looking for a fansite and I found this forum! ;)

    More about me, I'm a computer engineering student in Singapore. However for these 6 months I'm on an internship, which has its good and bad side. The good side: I can play GW without worrying about exams, the bad side: I can't play GW in the day since I will be in office... :(

    OK enough for my introduction. Nice to know you all. :)

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