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    Stormbluff Isle

    Veritas Invictus [TRUE]

    Courage, welcome to our web site. You are in for a treat. This was my first game of this type and I'm really enjoying it.

    There's a number of forums here that can provide you with lots of information. If you are considering an Elementalist, check out the Ele's forum. There's also the Player's Match Up forum where you can find other players from this great community who'll be more than willing to help you through the quests and missions.

    Also, on the main site, there's a Quest Database that can give you plenty of pointers, as well as a wealth of other information.

    Welcome again!
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    Nice Mag,

    Not much only lately bit bored with the game.
    Well I still check from time to time and all the things they added are fun.

    Keep up the good work :)

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    GWOnline Content Team
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    Stormbluff Isle

    Veritas Invictus [TRUE]

    Hey there! It's been a long time since I've seen you on the forums. Hopefully I'll see you in-game in the future.
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    Mawhgleah, thank you for the warm welcome.

    I think I'm going to like it here. I've been reading up on some of the forums, and pretty much determined about how I'm going to start off with my Elementist.

    Thank you again for the warm welcome.



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    hey you all :)
    a quick hello from this forum newbie too!
    been playing fab GW for about 4 months now and am still lovin it :love19:
    have elm/mo at Hell`s me/mo at ring of fire and mo/me just starting out at lv 10 (geese i do hate the monks armor lol).
    oh and thx for this great site got lots of fab tips here ;)

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    Welcome Xanda! I see you got some Mesmer Loving up there, though you seem to prefer the Monk more.... Phaeax got to you didnt he?

    Were really fabulous over at the Mes house. Phaeax and his monks are like 'ghetto fab yo', so chill with us instead ^_-.

    Welcome to the forums.

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    Hey, I was really interested in this game about a year ago, but at the time my computer couldn't handle it. I got interested in some other things, got a much better video card, but eventually I needed a new game to play, and I started thinking about GW again. I've had the game a week now, and a level 15 me/e.
    I am astounded at how many areas are in the game. I've spent hours finding new areas.
    I'm in a large guild but no one really talks in it.
    I'm not that interested in PvP but I want to unlock every item and skill :D

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    Hi folks!

    I know it's doubtful that anyone will actually read this, but what the heck, +1 post count. Not that I'll waste this.

    Ingame, and in my guild, I'm better known as Jebediah Bullfrog, my Me/R primary. I'm trying to debunk the myth that Me/R's are all interrupt and Serpent's Quickness ;) I've already invented one very effective build that breaks the rules, and I'm moving on to number two. I"m also a part time Monk/Ele, and Necro/Warrior. In every other MMO I've played, I've been a damage dealer or tank, so now I'm experimenting with supporters.

    My guild, the Hounds of Creegus, is a beginning guild with a lot of potential, and very dedicated leadership (including myself as a high-ranking officer.) We're a not-too-serious guild that's all about having fun, both ingame and out. Of course, it sure as hell is fun to take a GvG match or Tombs tourney, so look for our name sometime soon. If you'd ever like to run with us Hounds, just give me a shout!

    EDIT: Wow - people are actually replying to introduction posts in here! Highly unusual, from my game forum experience...

    That's all, hope to see you around.
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    Hilwen Rivvyn

    Hilwen Rivvyn says Hello & talks "pet collars"

    Quote Originally Posted by Tarrant Rahl
    We all love to see new members join the community, and it's always nice when they post a hello, but so often those hellos get lost in the bustle of other discussion. I've started this thread, which will remain stickied, for new members to post their introductions and for older members of the communities to welcome those members. Please make sure everyone feels at home here! :)
    Thank you for giving me a place to introduce myself. I am Hilwen Rivvyn, warrior-ranger woman lvl 16. I made it to this lvl mostly on my own with my pet cat and henchies. I am new to online gaming and new to forum discussions. I did search several forums for any previous threads on my specific topic "pet collars" and couldn't find any. So I hope it's okay to propose and discuss "pet collars" here.

    Why do I want "pet collars" for civilized pets to be able to go inside city gates? Here's background. I've grown so attached to my cat I still allow him to take up three spaces on my skill bar. I've stored my very furious hammer and its skills. I make do with high strength and sword skills in seaking blade, artery sever and gash and either a fourth skill for him in feral punce or a "watch out" tactical for me if the henchies seem particulary vulnerable.

    So, if I'm going to keep my pet I want him in the city with me. Here's how:

    Establish a "civilized" criterion for my pet to attain - some # of missions he has completed with me or beast mastery level level or both.

    Once he has qualified, I have the option of purchasing a "pet collar" for him from a variety of styles (like armor) either from a special vendor or from a basket added to the merchants' lists. The pet collar should be able to be upgraded with skills/special powers complementary to my profession and my pet. (Maybe a moa bird who kicks could have the option of a collar upgrade with a "death peck" - that would be funny to own for awhile.) Of course, the collar styles could match armor styles and be dyed. To fit various pets, the pre-programmed shrink-to-fit, one-size-fits all collars would be automatically "customized" for each pet. So collars would not be transferable. Perhaps owners could be allowed salvage pet collars for upgrades. Note that the collar would have to be removed and placed back in the owners' bag for the owner to be rid of the pet appearing in the city.

    For my pet to enter a city, I would have the option to double-click the collar in my bag and mouse roll over the pet to attach it. If I want to let my pet roam outside the city, or release my pet, I first have to remove his collar and put it in my backpack.

    If you read this far then some more background might be appropriate. I liked killing char and getting hides to trade for all my matching fur armor, now dyed purple. I thought the Frost gate and bonus superb. But while I like the scenic landscape around Kryta and tactical ability to run through the hills off the path to avoid groups of bandits I am pretty bored with this scenario. The only thing that will help would be if maybe my pet can enter Kryta, the first city he can enter if I have met other criteria. Now I know that would save Kryta from being just a pretty place for me. Apologies to designers of the landscape its not the landscape but the land's enemies that strike me as more amusing than dangerous. But maybe that too was a planned change. I don't want to offend anyone - just would like "pet collars" added as a great way to spend my hard earned gold. Thanks for considering this long post from a very new gamer. Hilwen Rivvyn. Rwrowr Cat thanks you also.

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    Whoops, posted my screen shots prior to introducing my self

    The Names Alethea, your friendly neighborhood ele/necro who loves blowing the heck out of various monsters. see yall later :howdy:

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