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    My forum name is Kyark (as was my Gorath character for Star Wars Galaxies, now retired) but I'll have the Kinneman clan in GW. I'm a member of the Iron Rangers guild, and we're all looking forward to being in this game together!

    You guys seem like a nice bunch of folks...I look forward to getting to know you all. I'm also an avid gamer chick, despite my tendancy to play male characters... :)

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    Welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy it here as much as many of our other members have.

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    Hamer Sunburst
    Hi There folks!

    My ingame name is Hamer Sunburst, this last BWE I played as Warrior/Elementalist, got as fars as Yaks Bend, but there the gnomes & Giant Worms got me :surprise: :confused:

    I took the name from my favorite guitar ( I own a bunch of guitars) - could post a link to photos, but I think I read somewhere that it is forbidden to post links on this forum..

    Anyways - Great Site, IŽll just be off chewing on my shoes Žtil the 27nd :happy34:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamer Sunburst
    I took the name from my favorite guitar ( I own a bunch of guitars) - could post a link to photos, but I think I read somewhere that it is forbidden to post links on this forum..
    Linking to pictures and things is allowed, its just that linking to other fansites and forums that are frowned upon. With the move of the forums, we had a little bit of a change of rules, where if a fansite has unique content (read: something that GWO doesnt have) we ask that you PM us (Tarrant, Chantal or Myself) a link and ask us if it is ok to post. Linking to other forums we still have to discuss, but it is just as easy to copy and paste something and use the Quote feature ;)

    Anyway, got long winded, but yea... links to pictures (appropriate pictures, mind you) are fine.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Interlude's Avatar

    Joo everyone, i'm Jay (Interlude on forums :o) I havn't really seen much about GW's, read alot, and heard alot, but not seen..

    Anywho, it's pre-orderd, and I hope to see some of you ingame; come release, it will be fun not knowing anything.. I think :p

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    Welcome to the community everyone :). As I said in my previous post here, if you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact the moderators here either via PM or via email.

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    Crimson Flames
    Hey guys! :howdy:

    I started looking into guild-wars after I saw my friend play during the March Beta Event. Since then I've been trolling around various sites for information about the game. Last week, I pre-ordered the game and finally got my first taste during the April Beta Event. That's when I fell in love with this site and its forums. Out of all the sites I've gone to, you guys have been the most up to date and comprehensive information about the game. The Strategy and Professions forum is a wealth of information for new and veteran players alike. Big props to all the site admins and contributing players, keep up the good work!

    Hope to see you guys in game.

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    Hi I first played the game at E3 and have participated in all but two BWE's I have spent most of my time doing PvE and have tried a multitude of classes. For release I will most likely be a W/N bye the name of Aldros Killraven. I was only recently referred to this site by a friend.

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    Welcome to the community Crimson, Aldros and Interlude! I hope you enjoy your stay here and take part in many interesting discussions ;) See ya around ;)

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    Queen Evernal

    Hey Everyone

    I'm new to the site, but not the community.

    I'm loving everything GuildWars is about, gameplay is tremendously fun and addictive.

    We currently have a guild forming and would love to have new members.

    You can read all about the guild at:


    There is lots of informationt here, including guild info, guild members, guild forums, guild chat, and even a "Hall of Champions". Let us know what you think!

    Queen Evernal
    Monarch of The Evernal

    Join The Evernal @
    www.freewebs.com/theevernal (soon to be TheEvernal.com!)

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