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    "Kastimizillion -- Emo, Metroid, Muff"

    Ok, got it, I'll try to connect this BWE with ya!

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    I'll see everyone over the BWE on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Anyone looking for me I'll be playing Balazaar the Wild (9 Mo/R) for the most part, but it's always possible that I'll be playing another char if I'm helping someone. Right now I could be using the names "Balazaar the Swift" or "Balazaar the Strong".

    I was just on-line and tried the Friends list, but there seems to be a "technical issue" with that function... just to let you know...

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    Quote Originally Posted by UndeadBehlial
    Its my job. You connect europeans :)

    haha :p well then, i'll just take my leave shall i :lol:
    IGN: Zero Djinn
    Problem that needs immediate attention? IM me

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    Quote Originally Posted by parkerbsb
    Wow thanks for the replies guys (and girls...) anyways I don't know if I'm being over sensitive here, but Xirc seemed a little annoyed with what I wrote. Anyways I didn't want to come across as a pompous *** so I hope that I wasn't taken the wrong way!
    Parker, the one char name you gave us is nto correct. My char names or Xircon of Dii and The order of dii. Get a hold of us.

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