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    Childeric Kaldor

    Graphical strange bug...

    I've some strange bug...

    To help you to understand it, I'll describe it :
    - All is find for about 1 hour up to 2 hours...
    - Then, after zoning or accessing new landscape area, on texture loading, I see partial loading of the char (only the clothes, not the head or the hands, same for the trees where only trunk appear... things like that then moving the camera 360 solve it...
    - 3 or 4 loading later, the screen go blue... If I just minimize the window/full screen game then maximise, it solve the problem... For about an hour again.

    It look like a video memory filling issue... All I can add is that I don't think it's an overheating problem because I changed heatsink on my video card, tested it recently and there's no issues, I can play every game I've for hours without any artifact/crash, including Halflife 2 or Unreal Tournament 2004. It seems to be related with how the game manage texture loading or maybe related with auto-lowering detail system... dunno.

    I tried to force High Quality in drivers but still happens. I tried with any nVidia... from 66.93 up to the newest 76.xx

    - AMD Athlon64 3000+
    - Asus K8N
    - 2x512Mo DDR400 PC3200 Kingston
    - MSI GeForce NX6600GT 128Mo DDR900 (VTD-128)
    - SB Audigy Platinium
    - Windows XP SP2 and DirectX 9.0c

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    You may want to try these drivers

    I've been using these drivers on my Nvidia cards for a while now and I've been very happy with the results. www.omegadrivers.com

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    Childeric Kaldor
    6600GT aren't supported by those.

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    Clara Cantiones
    I have the same bug. I have a 6600GT, too.

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    Childeric Kaldor
    Wich one ? MSI ? Asus ? Wich type of cooling and RAM :)

    Because we (me and Arena.net support) think it's related to overheat of the Card RAM... I'm not sure... because I made many improvement to my cooling but still happens.

    This time, today, it finished by a return to desktop (Used Alt+F4) and get a 640x480 in 4 bits color depth... Need to delog, relog with another userd to solve it... It's 2nd time this bug happens and I'm always scared my card will go too heat and ... burn.

    GPU temperature is 54 in full charge, wich is ok... HSI heatsink is a bit warm but can put my fingers on it. Same for RAM heatsinks. So from WHERE THIS PROBLEMS is coming (I tested on a fresh new card, same type, bug is here TOO !)

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    Clara Cantiones
    Hi. I have a PNY-GF 6600 GT. I installed another 120 mm fan in my case and it's all pretty cool. I checked that with speed-fan. I couldn't really play today, because of this bug. Had to restart 30 times. :(

    I would be great, if they solve this bug, because otherwise this great game would be useless for me. ( I preordered it, and now I'm thinking about cancelling it) Is there any way to get a feedback, if they solve this?

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    Childeric Kaldor
    I think you should have a look to Guru3D forums and try to find how to activate the temp gauge... Seems that can be a driver bug too... as some people said...

    Manufacturers of graphic cards put bad heatsinks and fans onto cards... you should really activate the temp gauge... and use rivatuner to monitor it a while because I think you'll find heavy temp.

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    ArchAngel Sabastian
    Ive had this same type or problem however there was no specific time frame for it.

    AMD Mobile Athlon64 3000+
    ATI Radeon Mobility 9600 w/ omega drivers
    1Gig DDR 2700
    XP SP2 DirectX 9.0c

    i can only highly doubt my computer is the cause i can play UT2K4 at the max settings and have no lag or any graphic issue.

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    Clara Cantiones
    Yes, thats what I think too. I can play every single game for hours without any problem. :confused:
    It's sad, that PNY removed the temp gauges.

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    Childeric Kaldor
    I suggest you all report your problems to support.guildwars.com ... they like this kind of reports :) You can link back to this post.

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