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Thread: Pet Stats

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    Pet Stats

    As there isnt yet a table showing pet stats for all the different pets, it's up to us to find out pet damage, armour, attack speed per level, etc.
    If people want to test their pets out and post their findings here, and maybe we can get a moderator to sticky it, I could make a table showing the stats for all the pets.
    I've described the testing method below.

    Please reply with

    Pet type:
    Pet level:
    Pet minimum damage:
    Pet maximum damage:
    Pet attack speed:
    Pet armour rating:
    Pet special: i.e. what does Brutal Mauling do?
    Pet max health: (I think this one will be the hardest to measure accurately)

    How to get the numbers:
    I think Pets are kinda like weapons, each has its own damage variance, like comparing axes to swords etc. Some might have higher max damage, others might have better average damage.
    I suspect pet base armour and damage scales up based on their level, with beast mastery only effecting the percent of damage output and assosciated skills, much in the same way as mastery does for weapons. Though I'm not sure if a level 20 pet has a certain Beast Mastery requirement to be effective, like using a bow that requires 12 marksmanship will only deal the damage of a newbie bow, but it's hard to stop a pet from levelling so I dont think this would be the case.

    If you find some co-operative enemies in a PvP arena you may be able to test these out. An easy way to test pet damage is, lower your beast mastery to 0, and have your enemy take off all their armour.
    - If you let your pet attack someone who takes off all their armour, that person can tell you the exact damage your pet is doing (take into consideration critical hits also, so on occasion the highest damage the person will get hit for is around 141% of your pets actual max damage, though your pet shouldnt crit much with level 0 beast mastery, i.e. say your pet does 3-5 damage, it will occasionally crit for 7, but you can tell this is a crit because it never hits for 6.).
    Of course if pets do need beast mastery requirements you may wanna do the same thing with level 12 beast mastery vs someone in full level 60 armour. (it will give the same results, with more crits though)

    - To test pet armour is a little harder, have a level 20 caster use high damage skills on it which dont ignore armour or have armour penetration. These should hit for the same damage every time, and the damage your pet takes compared to the damage the spell does will help determine your pets armour level.
    Formula is:
    60 - 40*( log(actual damage taken/spell damage) / log(2) )
    e.g. If a level 20 Elementalist uses Earthquake with earth magic 12, it should do 85 damage, if your pet takes 70 damage, then it's armour can be determined by:
    60 - 40*( log(70/85) / log(2) ) = 71 armour
    You may want to raise\lower your beast mastery during testing to see if pet armour does benefit from beast mastery or if it's based on level alone.

    Of course, the calculations I've posted assume the conditions I stated, but if you cant get a hold of a level 20 caster with level 12 in one attribute, or find an enemy who wants to get nekkid while your pet mauls them, you can always do the math yourself - EDIT by Chantal: Link removed. 1) The calculator you linked to contains incorrect data. 2) You must ask a mod for permission prior to linking to other sites.

    If people post these stats here, we can build up some information on all the different animals at different levels.

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    you sure that calculator is wrong Chantal?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kal gregor
    you sure that calculator is wrong Chantal?
    Yes, 100% absolutely positively sure that he has some incorrect data.
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    which data is incorrect? has gwonline.net made any progress in a calculator of their own or in finding out pet stats?

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    GWOnline.Net Member Hunt3r_kill4's Avatar

    They will soon. The game has just been released, and we should wait till they finish the major patches before putting out anything solid

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