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    Necro PvP questions

    I'm probably wrong on this, but Necro just doesnt seem to be a class that is particularly suited to PvP as a primary. Soul Reaping seems as if it wouldn't be particularly useful as it would in PvE, I don't see how you're going to bring minions into combat
    before the fight, and I would think that Necros would be outclassed in hexes and DOTs by mesmers.

    I'd love to see some opinions on this. I'm a total newb to necros, so I may be completely off base here. I was thinking of making a necro/monk, and I'm just looking for some feedback to see if this is going to be a viable and useful PvP build. Do mesmers outclass necros at what they do best in PvP?

    Thanks for any responses. Also, if you could make any comments on subclasses to go along with necro I would appreciate it. From just looking at what I know about necro, it seems it would make a better subclass than primary for PvP.

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    I'm a Necromancer/Warrior and do pretty well in PvP. I specialized in Death Magic and put some points in swords and soul reaping. What I do in PvP is create a lot of animated minions (currently lvl 8 bone horrors). I take advantage of hunter's pets and anyone who dies. (just remember to use the resurection signet afterwards ^_^) These minions cause a lot of trouble and do damage in mass. Just know that 1 won't be doing much of anything. Also the death touch attacks are great at causing lots of damage in a short period of time. This enables you to finish someone off before the healers can respond. Oh soul reaping does help, many a times a caster dies just because he didnt have the 1 extra energy point to cast the life saving spell.

    In comparing my necromancer with mesmers I've faced, I dont see that they do my job. Mesmers are about crippling their foes whlie I'm about producing some troops and dealing damage. I'm not cursed spec'd nor never was so I can't say how well our debuffs do compared to theirs. I can say that if you stack it with an ally mesmer that the results look to be great.

    As for subclassing I took warrior so that I did not have to completely rely on energy. A lot of warrior skills use adrenaline and this enables me to unload all my magic then switch to melee combat while i wait for the energy to rise. A lot of mesmers have put backfire buffs on me, in which case I just use my warrior skills requiring no energy expenditure.
    Ok time to end this post, its getting too long. Hope this helps.

    Deionarra Felgrace Level 10 Nec/War -=The Unholy Alliance=-

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    In think that necros r good in pvp because nobody really targets them until the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ion The Sudden
    In think that necros r good in pvp because nobody really targets them until the end.
    This is not true IMO I find the target order is usually Monk> Memer/Necro > Ele/Ranger > Warrior....


    I also play a Necro/Warrior but use Blood I run two builds at the moment which Im not going to reveal here (not because I think I am Elite and they arent Uber builds but I am quite new to PvP and am still trying to improve my builds ).

    Although I will say one has a damage out put of 304 - 336 damage (140 of which I gain in health) in a very short space of time and is g=far more balanced. The other does less damage (272 - 304) overall but has the bonus of 11 degen (and yes I know it cuts off at 10 ), but uses an excessive amount of energy. I use a Sword at the moment with both builds but I am considering using an axe to boost the damge of the second build and becuase I can use it to lower the victims health via Deep Wound making the Degen more effective.

    IMO taking Necro as a secondary is simply limiting what you can do with the class. I have played both W/N and N/W and found with the W/N I was using far to many Warrior skills as I needed Attribute Points in my chosen Weapon ,Tactics and/or strength and would leave my most Necro skills at to low a level to be be effective IMO(there are exceptions to this rule). But with N/W I can run 4(?) in SR and not worry with a 16 in Blood (or whatever Magic Line/Points setup you want) and a 12 in Axe/Sword and be able to take on most people and win or at least hurt them enough to a team mate can finish them off...

    Les Gothic

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    What about a blood spike? I haven't played one, so i'm not sure how the balance update impacted them, but I know I saw some pretty effective ones before the update.

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    2 words... curse.... spam

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    Quote Originally Posted by Defiled Immortal
    2 words... curse.... spam
    Would you like to elaborate on that?

    /Sarcasm On

    Oh I get it now....

    So you use the curse's skill line and spam WTS/WTB/WTT?

    great build...real great....

    /Sarcasm Off

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhokie
    I'm probably wrong on this, but Necro just doesnt seem to be a class that is particularly suited to PvP as a primary.
    Do a search on "Grenth's balance build":


    Now that's an interesting build. In fact, Necro's are well suited to PvP because they have armor ignoring skills that work very well. If I were going to make a build for PvP, it would definitely be a Blood based build.

    Here's a Blood build for a N/Mo:

    Shadow Strike
    Dark pact
    Vamp gaze
    Grenth's balance [E] or Offering of Blood [E] (if you have a good monk and you don't need a self-heal)
    Awaken the Blood/Blood renewal
    Contemplation of Purity
    Res Sig

    CoP is your hex/condition removal. Optionally, you could run Blood renewal instead of Awaken the Blood as your enchantment. Your not too worried about sacrificing health because of Grenth's.

    The Grenth's build I linked to is very different. It uses Infuse to lower your health and then Grenth's for spike dmg. Pretty clever.

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    Blood magic is working well in pvp. Use life siphon on 3 players, and u have +9 healthdegen for 25 sec. with your damage you heal urself. I use well of power as elite, life transfer is too short.

    Bloodmagic: 16
    SR: 10
    rest: death magic

    well of power [e]
    life siphon
    shadow strike
    vampiric touch
    awaken the blood
    soul feast
    vile touch

    works well. by the way, a SS is doing great too in pvp

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    The First character i made was a necro/ranger
    run with high curses and high death magic........
    not much experience in PvP, but necros have got to be just as good as any other character......

    just gotta get used to em

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