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Thread: sharing quests

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    sharing quests

    A newbie question(I am still at the very begining, running around prescorched Ascalon)

    When you get a quest from an NPC. Is there a way to share it with the other members in your party(so it shows up on there quest log as well). Or do they all need to talk to that same npc.

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    Don't think you can...the only way is for that person to get the quest as well. Theres a good reason for this too...because if, for example, 2 people, 1 wants to be a mesmer and 1 wants to be a monk for their second professions, if they shared the quest, they'd get the same 2nd profession upon completing the quest. That wouldn't make the other person very happy :)

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    Don't forget that at the end of each class specific quest, you do have the 'option' of accepting that class as your second profession or not accepting it.

    But be careeful when answering as the answers are very close together and if you click on accept, then you're stuck with that profession whether or not you wanted it.
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    Until you hit the 'desert' and ascend... then you can change your secondary...

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