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    Pure Elementalist Water/Fire

    I plan on making a Elemantalist just using necromancer as my secondary profession. I was do level 12 of energy storage and water and level 6 of fire as back up and to use the rest of my points. Not sure what skills ill use but im sure ill find something to use. Any suggestions would be wonderful.

    PS I didnt wanna major in fire because thats what a lot of people do and it doesnt sound fun being able to kill things in .000000003 seconds :)

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    Fire is a poor skill to put "just a few" points into. Putting a lot is great, putting none is also fine (because you're putting them elsewhere).

    The reason I say this is that fire has very few buff effects that are nice to have at low levels.... really fire spells are all about killing things. So if you want to kill things with fire, I'd go all the way.

    Air, on the other hand, could be good with only a few points. That way you get Gale, Windborne Speed, and Blinding Flash, all quite effective at half skill without spending all your resources.

    Energy Storage is only worth driving to 12 if you have a good reason. Usually it functions quite acceptably at 8-10 and you won't have to buy the expensive last couple points.

    By the way, welcome to the forums! If you're going to stick around for some time, I'd advise changing your name, or making a new account with a different name. No one will know what to call you if you keep your current one. :-)

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