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    Mesmer/Elementalist build help

    First post :)

    Anyways, I'm trying to think up of a good mes/ele build that uses the DOT illusion skills with the DOT spells in the Elementalist fire branch. Currently I have thought of this much:


    Fast Cast:6
    Fire Magic:11
    Points: 196/200


    Conjure Phantasm (Hex)
    For 10 seconds, target foe experiences health degeneration of 5.
    Casting cost: 10 energy
    Casting time: 1 sec
    Recharge time: 5 sec
    Relevant attribute: Illusion Magic

    Phantom Pain (Hex)
    For 10 seconds, target foe suffers health degeneration of 3. When Phantom Pain ends, that foe suffers a deep wound, lowering that foe's maximum health by 20% for 15 seconds.
    Casting cost: 10 energy
    Casting time: 2 sec
    Recharge time: 15 sec
    Relevant attribute: Illusion Magic

    Ether Feast (Spell)
    Target foe loses 5 energy. You are healed 19 for each point of energy lost.
    Casting cost: 5 energy
    Casting time: 2 sec
    Recharge time: 8 sec
    Relevant attribute: Inspiration Magic

    Mark of Rodgort (Hex)
    For 17 seconds, whenever target foe is struck for fire damage, that foe is set on fire for 3 seconds.
    Casting cost: 25 energy
    Casting time: 2 sec
    Recharge time: 20 sec
    Relevant attribute: Fire Magic

    Conjure Flame (Enchantment)
    Lose all enchantments. For 60 seconds, your attacks strike for an additional 18 fire damage.
    Casting cost: 10 energy
    Casting time: 1 sec
    Recharge time: 60 sec
    Relevant attribute: Fire Magic

    <empty skill>

    <empty skill>

    The goal of this build is to load the enemy with various DOT hexes plus Mark of Rotgort. Buff myself with conjure flame and attack the enemy and s/he will be on fire for a good time:D

    However, I think I might have trouble with the energy department and I do not know what i should put into the two remaining spaces. So please critique my build and give me some suggestions please, thanks~ :D

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    GWOnline.Net Member Tsume's Avatar

    Well one thing to note is that there is a maximum degeneration of 10.

    Your going a little overkill with Conjure, Phantom, and the Burning. The easy solution to that is, use conjure on a non primary target.

    For one of your blank skills equip Mantra of Persistance. Your high Inspiration Magic will make that fairly useful, and allow you to get great use and duration of 10 degen on your primary target, and the 5 degen on a secondary target.

    With Mantra of Persistance in tow, energy should not be a problem for the build, due to less recasting.

    Go ahead and equip Energy Tap though, and equip an elite as well. Some prospectives would be Migraine or Crippling Anguish. Along with Mantra of Persistance they will both be fairly lengthy, Migraine in particular would last prob around 37 seconds. Migraine hinders casters and gives you an extra three degen, Crippling Anguish gives the three degen and 50% slower movement.

    This way you could put 8 degen on one character (Conjure and Migraine/Crippling Anguish) and the burning implementation with Phantom Pain on the other target.

    That sounds like a pretty effective degeneration build, with enough degen to make adjustments should any shattering occurr.

    Good luck.

    Finally, Welcome to the forums!

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