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    i need help with a build

    hay ive been playing as a lvl 10 e/r and well i only like the ranger for a pet but... what is the best over all build one thats good for parties and pvp, wars, hall of herors and solo and high attacking and and guilds wars stuff whats the best all rounder

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    That is a tricky and subjective question. Personally I think that the best allround class is the Ranger, but that doesn't answer your question.

    If you want to solo then you need healing, so it has to be Monk, but then again if you want to cause the most damage the highest spike damage is from Elementalist spells. However the Elementalist armour is not that good, you look like a bug to a Warriors windscreen.

    The one that most people seem to go for is the Warrior/Monk build. This is simple to use, "point and bash", self sufficient becuase of self healing, and resistant to damage due to high armour.

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