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Thread: how to craft?

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    sye ren

    how to craft?

    can someone plz explain to me the process of crafting. like what it is, why i should do it, and how

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    There are 2 types of crafting:

    Weapon Crafting - Were you can make a weapon of the choices listed with raw materials and money. You can also custamize a weapon that you have to give it an extra 20% dmg bonus but only that character can equip it so you can't transfer that item to some other character to equip it. Most people only go to the Weapon Crafter to custimize weapons.

    Armor Crafter - This is how you get better armor. Same thing with the Weapon Crafter you choose which piece of armor you want from the list and give the right amount of raw materials and money. It can be expensive but it's worth it. Once you craft that piece of armor the same thing with the Weapon Crafters custamization were it's only for that character only.

    The Weapon Crafter you don't exactly need to do it but the Amor Crafter you have to in order to survive.

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