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Thread: What happened?

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    What happened?

    A noob question,
    I went inside a "rink" with others, and played against other people.
    The next time I wanted to play, it said some thing like "2 years later".
    What happened? :confused:
    Can I go back to my 1st game :confused:


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    i believe you are describing the "academy" mission, which is a transition from pre-searing to post-searing ascalon. if you payed attention at all to the story, it should be apparent what is going on.

    your character cannot return to pre-searing, so if you want to play there, you need another character.

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    Smile Academy/Arena

    Amoo, there are player Arena's and there is the Academy. The two are entirely different entities, as the former pertains to fighting against other teams, whereas the latter is the 'final stage' in the 'tutorial' part of the game, i.e. Eden.

    Once you speak to 'Sir Tydus' and select to "leave everything behind (sic.)" (i.e. there is no going back to 'Eden'), there should be a timer showing a countdown to Part 1 of the Academy 'test'. Once the load screen has finished you are set before a gate, then once open, you fight in a best of 10 [?] 4 vs. 4 random battle. On the resolution of this you were then lead to a cave system by Prince Rurik, made to fight some Grawl, then some Charr and finally, at the end of the cave system, being shown a cut-scene of the 'Searing' event.

    Once through the Searing, you can voluntarily enter Arena's and take part in battles against other players and, once you have formed a Guild, you may challenge other Guilds to battle. You cannot however, return to Eden with that same character. Hope that helps.
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    Thank you both, you are most kind.

    @ Corrodias,
    You are right, I did not pay attention.

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