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    Finding people and weapon damage

    Can somebody tell me how can I find my friends in the game? I am confused a bit, I dont know whether th chat system is working for all the districts or only for my district? How can I invite a friend to party with me? If I manage to invite somebody is there a clue on the map to find him? It seems to me that the communication system is inferior to that of WoW.

    The other question: where can I see my actual damage? The only place where I could find some info, is the Hero panel, but there is only the weapon damage.

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    If the Chatting system were working for all the districts at one time then there would be no end to the chat... Of course the chat systems are separate to the districts, why wouldn't they?!
    To find your friend(s), add them to your Friend List if you know their name! hit "N" and click in the typing box and type your friend's name, then hit Enter. You should be able to Dbl Click their name (if online) and "Whisper" them a message. If you want to meet up, Whisper them and ask what District they are in then party up.
    When you're partied, if you can't find your friend, click his/her name and look at your map. There should be a green dot circled in yellow to show you his/her location..

    When you're attacking monsters, you see YOUR damage because it's the only number that floats above the enemy. So if you see a -10, that means you did 10 Dmg.
    I.E. :: You can only see the damage you inflict, not others.

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    Thanks for your help. I asked about the chat system because it wasn't explicitly specified how it works (at least I didn't found it), and as you desrcibed, the chat system works between districts :), at least the whisper.
    I understand now how to manage the friend list, but what if I'd like to see what players are in my district, their level, location etc., to be able to decide which one of them can I party with. Even Diablo2 had a player list in a game, from which I could decide who to party with.
    I have to accomodate myself to this streamlined interface, and the logic of the game.

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    in post-searing, in every outpost in ascalon (that is, every location that isn't the city of ascalon), you see the other people's classes and levels floating above their heads (something i would like to be able to turn off). if you hold CTRL, you can see everyone's name. however, no, there's no list... if you are looking for someone you have to hold CTRL and hunt through all the names on the screen for them. by the way, dark names are those characters already in a party.

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    Ya what they said, and the players in your party will turn green on the mini-map in a town/outpost or while exploring (but u prolly knw that)

    they can always pin their location on the map aswell.

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    Yes, it seems to me that communication is restricted to players in the same outpost or city and worst, to those in my near proximity. This is an online game, so I expected a more sophisticated communication system.

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    This is straying a little off-topic.

    Why is it that in some public areas, a character's class and level are displayed over their heads, and in other places it isn't.

    Also, sometimes I see an icon over someone's head that looks like a blue torso (I think) with a number. What does this denote?

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    if a character has a number (lvl) and class over their head
    -> they have a light blue name
    -> they are not in a party

    if a character has no number above their name
    -> their name is dark blue
    -> they are in a party

    if a character has a little symbol of a person (blue) and a single digit number
    -> their name is dark blue
    -> they are the leader of a party
    -> the number of people in the party is denoted by the single digit number above their head.

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    If there is no numbers above their head your not in an area with a mission.

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    Thanks...much clearer now.

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