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    Me/Ne: Thoughts?

    Hello all, first time poster, veteran MMOer, and newly-christened GW fanatic.

    Currently my main is a Mesmer/Necromancer, focused on Illusion and Blood Magic for single damage to one target and surviability. Lately I'm not sure how much I am going to like this build, especially when it comes time to join a guild and start PvPing. Any thoughts on a Me/Ne build that isn't a Curse build? I like my damage capacity :) I also considered Me/W, but figured it would probably be a bad idea. Me/E is another consideration, an Earth/Domination build would be fun just to mess with people.

    Thanks ahead of time for any input.

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    I made a Me/N with mostly domination, inspiration and blood magic skills. From blood magic I use life transfer and life siphon (when I get it one day) as well as the wells (of blood and of power) for party-friendliness and healing. I switched illusion magic with blood instead because I only ever used 2 skills from illusion with my pure mesmer.

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    If your worried about damage output, as in damage bursts and not degeneration on a Me/Ne, I would look towards the Death Magic and Domination Magic trees. Blood Magic does have some nice damage skills as well. It sounds like you have a Degeneration build right now, and that can work very well. If you are useing Blood Magic and Illusion Magic for degeneration you wouldnt need more than 3, or 4 slots. You could use the other 4 for cheap damage skills from another branch.

    Also, welcome to GWOnline.net, bringing you updates around the clock ^_-.
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    If you are looking for a degen build, try going with Illusion and Blood Magic, like Tsume said...

    You get Conjure Phantasm, Life Transfer and Life Siphon on a person and their health will drain faster than you can immagine. Mix that with something like Vampiric Gaze to gain some of your life back as well as damage someone more and this is a pretty viable build.

    Thats my thoughts anyway... I loved my N/Me I had a long time ago, and she used those skills ;)

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    What do you think of this Me/E build: (I know it isn't at all what you all advised me to do with the degen, but I wanted to try something different)

    Fast Casting 6
    Domination 10
    Inspiration 10
    Earth 10

    Earth Attunement
    Energy Burn
    Mind Wrack
    Energy Tap or Drain (depending on if I can find the elite)
    Ether Lord

    The idea is to help shut down casters while dishing it out to the melee contingent of an enemy group, using their own energy against them. I like the combo of Mind Wrack and Ether Lord especially for screwing with other Mesmers and Elementalists. Earth Attunement should help with the energy problem a bit as a pre-fight buff, and Backfire will help keep non-energy screwed casters from being too upity. Energy Burn is for added damage utility/further energy denial and Energy Tap/Drain for more Energy supplies. What do you think? It's probably been done in a similar fashion before, but I think it might be fun.

    Maybe I should have started a new thread eh? Not exactly on-topic for a Me/Ne thread I started :lol:

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    Well I wouldnt look for it to be extremely effective against Elementalists. They do have massive pools of energy, and The casual Ether Lord cast on them will add up over time, but wont really just tear into their energy reserves.

    I would think spreading your damage out might not be the best idea, because you arnt exactly loaded with damage dealing capabilities. I would probably stick to one target, and if you want to go against the mellee characters it would work pretty well since you can tear through their energy relatively easily.

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