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Thread: New pet level

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    New pet level

    Hi, So i was wondering what would happen if i got a new pet. Right now my pet is lv13 melandrus stalker, but i want snow wolf. However they are only lv5. Im assuming they stay at lv5 when you get them and wont auto level to your level or anything like that. But do they gain experience if your attacking like a lv 6 monster even though your level 12. Cause you don't gain experience. I would assume it would but i was just wondering if anyone knew about all this for sure. Thanks.


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    Yes, if your new pet is lvl 5 and he's fighting a lvl 6 monster, he will gain xp from it, while you won't since you're lvl 12.
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    is there an upwards cap on xp as well?
    will a level 5 pet gain xp from you killing a lvl 12 or level 15 or even like level 24 monster?

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    A lower level fighter will always gain xp from defeating a higher level target. That includes a pet because the pet is considered a party member.

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