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    about guild capes :D

    well i got this question already few times, and answerd with several answer who all where different :(

    so now i try asking here~~:

    i am in a guild, can i design my own guild cape?
    if the leader has a guild cape all capes must be de same?

    tnx already

    ps. gonna read the manual before sleeping :lol:
    ps2. is there coming some kind of trading forum??


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    no... the guild must ALL have the same cape its like a coat of arms

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    GWOnline.Net Member draceena's Avatar

    Your cape can be designed (different logos, color combos and cape ends) but the cost is 2000gold. Once paid, every member that joins is automatically given your cape.

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    i am just a member so if i create a cape the whole clan gonna have that cape??

    and if so it means that our leader not has cape yet as i could design one :confused:

    so only thing i must hope if our guild gets a cape it must be a nice one :p


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    i started a guild last night, designed an awesome cape, but only have 300 gold hehe. good luck on your cape

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