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    sig of midnight + epidemic

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    Well here's my anti-war build that I really enjoy(many times I kill the war so fast that the monk doesn't have time to react XD)
    16 Illusion
    13 Inspiration
    rest into Fast Cast

    Images or Remorse
    Drain Enchantments
    Ether Feast
    Res Sig

    This is my random arena build and is pretty efficient in killing wars. Cast Ineptitude+clumsiness+images+phantasm of remorse on that war. If he attacks through that he will be sorry for sure. Even when there are no Physical fighters present you can still do 9 degen with phantasm and images, and can more often than you think, hurt spellcasters with ineptitude and clumsiness when they wand spike(which they 99% do, other than monks).
    If there are two or more wars on you, Ineptitude one war to keep him blinded for a bit while you use clumsiness and images on the other war to take him out. Don't forget to use distortion, cause it pisses off wars and sometimes they will just plain leave you for another target just because of that. For energy management drain a useful enchantment away and heal with ether feast.

    -Note, this was my old build, and now that major runes cost only 35 hp penalty I will most likely bring major rune of illusion instead of the superior.

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    16 Illusion

    Illusionary Weaponry

    Wait until the warrior decides he doesn't like you (shouldn't be hard to achieve), then cast IW (and a cover enchantment, possibly Ancestor's Visage, if need be) as he runs up. Distortion and Flurry in melee. If he runs off you'll need something else (Imagined Burden for example), although personally I like chasing them around just for the comedy value of seeing a burly warrior running away from a delicate mesmer.

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    use ethereal burden, it cuts their speed in half plus gives you back energy. Once they are slowed wastrel worry them into oblivion.

    Or use combo of spirit shackles and mind wrack (they lose 5 energy every swing +100dmg per mind wrack)

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    Ineptitude, Clumsiness, Images of Remorse, Spirit of Failure, Price of Failure. holy resurrection thread batman

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    For Iw, I like to use Illusion of Haste as the cover enchantment. With Illusion of haste you do not need a slow hex AND you can combo flurry with it. The energy management with Illusion of Haste is fine with me and also I use enchantment+20% for the Haste and IW benefit. Also, Illusion of haste is a quick recharge time skill. Many times when I see an Iw mesmer, they bring a cover enchantment that recharges at least 10 secs later which I remove and then destroy Iw.

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    I'll try Illusion of Haste the next time I'm running IW. I've been using the +5 energy katana from Shichiroji with a +19% enchantment.

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    here is my anti-melee build.

    eather feast
    spirit shackles
    mind wrack
    backfire( like if a speel caster attacks y 2)
    shatter enchantent
    signet of midnight (elite)

    Dom: 15
    Insp: 9
    Fastcasting: 11

    this build works good. it can do good dmmg is they stay attacking. but once i was in pvp a warrior knew he shoudl attacked anymore... so hes was sitting right in frond of me :) was pretty fun to see..

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    If I'm using a Me/N then I cast enfeeble+insidious parasite+empathy, I love this because in most cases every time they hit you there just healing you and hurting themselves, if they try to run I just cast watrels worry on them or somtheing else like energy burn.

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    There is also the option of blinding him and then smacking him on the head with your wand and saying "Don't be stupid"

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