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    bugged skill - wild blow

    think wild blow is bugged....it says it cannot be blocked or evaded but i tried using this skill to whack a whiptail devourer which i normally missed (i dunno why i always miss when hitting a devourer in post searing). Wild blow still misses quite a few times.... it shows the evaded wordings.

    btw it also gives critical strike, any detailed/technical explanation would be appreciated.

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    critical strike means it does higher than normal damage (like if you usually do 20, critical may do like 30-40 or whatever). i've been wondering the same thing, i hope that they'll change that so it actually CAN'T be evaded or blocked

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    You guys have it all wrong, blocking and evading is their side.. just plain missing is yours.
    Think about it this way.. if i throw a punch at you like a dork and completely miss, well.. thats a miss. If i threw a punch that WOULD have hit, but you dodge'd it, thats evasion.
    Kind of weird but I hope that clears things up.. it was the same way in world of warcraft. You could attack someone from behind and they couldnt block, evade or parry, but you could still miss.

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    I believe Wild Blow doesn't increase your damage done. I think critical hit just means it does the max possible damage in your normal damage range. For instance, if your normally hitting from 10-40 damage, using Wild Blow will allow you to do 40 damage with certainty. I've been testing it and that seems to hold pretty true so far, anyone else want to confirm this please do.

    Oh, and those Whiptail Devourers are Ranger classed, and if you notice, you can hit them everytime until they lose like 30%-50% health. Then, I think they use a skill to avoid attacks, although it doesn't seem show it. And, if you do small enough damage, you can see that when the skill ends, whenever that is, you start hitting them normally again. So no, I don't believe the Whiptails have some uber chance to dodge attacks, but that they actually use a "bugged" skill that doesn't seem to want to show itself.

    So yes, I believe Wild Blow may be bugged.

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    Stances have an activation time of 0 seconds. This means that you will never see it activate.

    Critical hits lower the opponents armour class by 20 in the hit location and deal maximum damage for the weapon range.

    So if you were a sword wielding warrior against another warrior with 80 armour in the hit location and you had a sword that dealt 15-22 damage (assuming 12 sword mastery) then you could expect to deal damage as if the opponent had 60 armour level (to make calculations easier - from the sword mastery assumption) which is the same as your strike level so you will hit for 22 damage. Without wild blow you would have an expected damage roll of 18.5, versus armour level 80 which would mean that you deal:

    18.5*2^((60-80)/40)=18.5*2^(-0.5)~13 damage average.

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    Ah, thanks very much Bravo. Impressive.

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    Neither Wild Blow nor the Whiptails are bugged. The skill description may be odd, but while Wild Blow may be evaded this causes any stance used by the opponent to end. So when the Whiptails use their stance and start evading, use Wild Blow. It may be evaded, but your next hit should land (worked for my Warrior).

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    so wild blow can be avoided by our enemies....in that case they shd change the description so as to ease confusion.

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