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    Wait...you rezzed this again after almost a year to argue about thread necroing? Seems like that's a separate topic from, say, IW Mesmers.

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    It was just the easiest example to use. It was still on the first page of topics for Mesmer. A topic on a first page is going to be seen by people that go to that section, so it seems kind of silly to ***** if they post in the topic, which just makes people less likely to post.

    If someone posts in a thread, they have interest in the topic. Members having interest in a topic is what a forum needs, especially in a forum where participation starts to wane (because of age of the game).

    on the topic of IW, does the skill itself count towards the +5 armor bonus per illusion skill equipped? I would think it does, but it doesn't say specifically...

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    Um...pretty sure he was kidding, not complaining...and he was kidding almost a year ago when he posted that, so I doubt he really cares that much anymore...so...who are you trying to make this point to?

    And IW does count as a +5, since it is an illusion magic skill. Maybe lead with that next time, wait for someone to complain about your thread necro, and then get indignant about it? Seems a bit bass-ackwards otherwise, and more than a little confusing to the outside observer.

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    It isn't exactly the first time I've seen people complain about an old thread being brought back, and if it's a BUSY board with lots of current posting, then it makes sense to limit old threads popping up. But when the board in question is far from busy, and the thread being "rezzed" is still on the 1st page of threads, it really doesn't make sense.

    Considering that the post I'm questioning being worthwhile had ZERO related content to the thread in the first place, kind of biased to say I'm out of place by replying in response to it. So I get it right. Fine to make an unrelated post in the first place, not fine to comment on that, but fine to complain about the comment.

    Just like any post, nobody forced you to read it, nor did anyone force you to respond.

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