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    Not really a bug or technical issue. Windows button on keyboard needs to be disabled

    I'm not sure which board to put this in. But, I would like the windows button to be disabled. If we are off clicking the ctrl and alt keys for finding npcs and mobs then I think it should be disabled. I have pressed it twice already in a battle and had it minimized guild wars.

    I can't even assign a useless function to it in the options so that it doesn't minimize guild wars.

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    i doubt GW will ever disable keys on its own, but you can disable the key yourself.

    one way you can do it, if you are using windows NT (including 2k or XP), is to see this document for information about editing the registry to disable the key (i haven't tried it).

    but a better idea, for whatever version of windows you are using, is to get WinKey Killer v1.7 from here and learn how to use it, if it's not clear how, from this here.

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    You can always do what my hubby does, and pop that key off. Everytime he buys a new keyboard, that is the first thing he does. Granted, it doesn't look great, but at least it isn't that easy to press, and it still functions.


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    that's true. hell, most keyboards have two winkeys, so you can remove the one on the left and not miss it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corrodias
    that's true. hell, most keyboards have two winkeys, so you can remove the one on the left and not miss it.
    Wow! Thanks all! This has been a problem for my wife and I for months now! So simple too! I just put a letter opener under it and it popped right out.
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    Poping the key off is a good solution for most keyboards...
    but if your using a Zboard... please don't pop the Win Key off... it would just be easier to swap the keyset over to the "gamer keyset" which has the key moved away.

    BTW if you don't know what a Zboard keyboard is:

    I hope they come out with a "Guildwars keyset" and not just update their "gamer keyset"...


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    holy crap, agreed

    Leader: I'm attacking Xx Leet Xx

    *Windows key+T*

    Aw shi.

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    Little different angle on this issue.

    GW is the *ONLY* game that I can minimize and restore in about 2 secs, so for this I am thankful. For the 3D quality of this game, being able to flip-flop as seamlessly as it does amazes me.

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    I dont want the key disabled. I like being able to reduce it by pressing the windows key.

    And its pretty obvioud that you dont play that many games. Most gamers dont have any problem.

    Im using a laptop that has a Fn key where Ctrl normally is. It was just a matter of geting used to it. Now i find playing on a desktop difficult.

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    you don't want it disabled? all right, then don't use the winkey disabling techniques listed here. i'm not sure what the point of your post was. :confused:

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