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    Question Old Mac's corpse dissapears

    Hi all

    I just did the quest 'Army life', where you have to find Old Mac's corpse out near Piken square.

    When I rocked up I saw him fall down, but when I got over there his body dissapeard. Now I can't seem to find his body to finish the quest (the quest marker still points to exactly where I am standing).

    Anyone had this problem? Is there something I am missing?

    p.s Wasn't to sure if this should go in the bugs forum, so if a mod wants to move it go ahead.

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    That seems a bit odd,

    I did that quest yesterday... and he was there alive and he laughs and says ' they thought i was dead...' and you have to escort him back to town. He has a scorpion with him that gets killed. I think you are going to have to return to town (piken square) and try again.

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    Odd, the scorpian is still alive for me.

    Yeah, I might just have to try it again. Thanks =)

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    lucius bloodbane

    I had to make sure he survived when I did the quest

    When I last did the quest i kept him alive, if he dies, from my past experiance, you have to start the quest over again :happy34:

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    Yeah he has to make it back to Piken Square alive, something I also failed to appreciate the first time I did it.

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    That happened to me in the BWEs, but I never tried it a second time.

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    It happened to me today. I never saw a body, but I did see the scorpion called Joe. Maybe he died before we got to him, but I didn't see him alive before the battle started. All I saw was the marker where the quest should have ended.

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