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    Dion Flux

    Critique my MindWrack/IW build please

    Hi I've only been reading up on this game for a couple of days so forgive me for any noob mistakes. I want to get some impressions on the following build, centered around draining energy for caster shut down, and using mindwrack/conjure phantom/IW for damage dealing.

    Attributes -
    Dom: 11
    Illusion: 11
    Inspiration: 8
    Fast Cast: 3 (cuts down casting time by about 12%)

    Skills -

    1) Mantra of Persistence (15 - 0 - 20)
    Description: For 30-78 seconds, any illusion magic hex you cast lasts 20%-84% longer.

    2) Energy Tap (5 - 3 - 20)
    Description: Steal 8-13 energy from target foe.

    3) Energy Burn (10 - 2 - 20)
    Description: Target foe loses 4-9 energy and takes 8 damage for each point of energy lost.

    4) Power Leak (10 - 1/4 - 20)
    Description: If target foe is casting a spell, the spell is interrupted and
    target foe loses 10-22 energy.

    5) Mind Wrack (5 - 1 - 5)
    Description: For 20 seconds, if target foe's energy is zero, that foe takes
    15-75 damage and Mind Wrack ends.

    6) Ether Feast (5 - 2 - 8)
    Description: Target foe loses 5 energy. You are healed 8-24 for each point of energy lost.

    7) Conjure Phantom (10 - 1 - 5)
    Description: For 2-12 seconds, target foe experiences health degeneration
    of 5.

    8) Illusionary Weapon (15 - 1 - 40)
    Description: For 30 seconds, you deal no damage in melee, but whenever you attack in melee, target foe takes 8-34 damage. This is an elite skill.

    As you can see, the idea of this build is to drain the opponent's energy until it reaches zero. Then cast mind wrack for a hefty 70+ damage. Mean while, it would be using Phantom to degenerate health, and Ether Feast to heal the mesmer AND take away energy from low energy opponents so that the mesmer can cast Mind Wrack again.

    I threw illusionary weapon in there in case people are still standing and I need to finish them off by melee. But perhaps it could be better replaced by Empathy or Shatter Enchantment. Oh the choices. Any input would be much appreciated!

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Illusion Weapon doesn't fit your build at all, plus being a Mesmer running after people is the exact opposite of what you will be doing. Replace it with Power Drain instead.

    Mantle of Persistance is not helping your build at all. Conjure phantasm will probably be removed before it ends, or you can just recast it when it ends. Same for mindwrack, its not a skill that you will need to last longer since it ends when it activates.

    I can see your a little short on skills to add to your build. Rather than telling you what to add I think you should try to decide what secondary you want and what your planning on contributing. For example you added conjure phantasm which doesnt fit your energy denial strategy, however you could plan on using this to help your team take another target down.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Tsume's Avatar

    Pk had some valid pointers, though Mantra of Persistence can be useful, but if you keep it you should take out Illusionary Weaponry for Migraine.

    Migriane will both give you 3 health degeneration and it will cause them to cast slower, which is such an annoyance to any caster, and will allow you to easily pull off your Power Leak. The length on Migraine is pretty long, but if you combine it with Mantra of Persistance, its length would be incredible. Make sure to cast Conjure Phantasm ontop of it, and even if someone shatters hexes, your Migraine will persists, and Conjure recharges fast enough that you could throw it right on. Conjure with Mantra also eats through targets like Warriors.

    The only thing really not in place with the build is Illusionary Weaponry. Your build just isnt suited to go chasing after a target at mellee range. I would stick to the ranged caster assault.

    So Migraine is a valide replacement, and Energy Surge is also a tangible skill.

    If you chose to take Pk's advice and remove Mantra of Persistance I would recommend another interrupt skill or illusion hex.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Tarew's Avatar

    Hmm, interesting. I think I like the idea of a build using Illusionary Weaponry to support their damage capabilities rather than to be the focus of the entire build but in this case I definitely have to agree with Pk and Tsume. It really doesn't have a place here and there are far better elite skills to complement this build.
    Migraine would certainly be a good choice and things like Energy Drain and Power Block would also complement this build nicely I think.
    I don't really have a lot of other comments except that I don't think you're using your attribute points in the most optimal way.
    I think you'd be better of with a 11, 10, 10 layout.
    That way you can use minor runes and your mask to still get both Illusion and Domination Magic up to 12 while getting more use out of your Inspiration Magic (especially useful if you decide to keep Mantra of Persistance which I myself find highly useful especially if you take Migraine or Crippling Anguish as your elite skill). Hope that helps a bit :)

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