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    highest AC armor...

    Hi, I'm new to the forums and everything, and everyone here seems very educated about the game so I have a question. I have just recently reached the crystal desert with the ascension mission and the vendor has 51 ac armors (i'm an elementalist). I read on the guides that ventari has 60 ac crafters, but when i got there I found out that it was only 45. My questions are, where can I find a 60 ac armor crafter with all the armors, is 60 ac the highest possible, and lastly what's all this hype ive heard over 15k armors (like where and is it 15k for a full suit, etc)? Thanks to anybody for their help.

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    Droknars forge has your 60ac armor for elementalist. Those pieces i believe are 1500 gold each, the 15k gold pieces are the same stat as the droknars, but from what i hear look different but don't quote me on the looks seeing how i don't plan on buying the 15k anytime soon, i'm happy with the gear i got in Droknars.

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    i actualy bought the armor from the desert cities and i must say that it was enought to even fight in areas of the mountains
    and of course than i got full plate(80 def) +20
    which is awsome
    and the other poster is right they have same stats they just look diffrently
    (well this game is all about looks is it :D )

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