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    Question about runes/attributes

    Ok, so this pertains sort of to runes, but also to attribute points. Once you have an attribute at level 12, the skills reach thier max right? So, let's say if I have Fire at 12, if I were to use runes to increase that up will the skills still scale with it or are they capped at what they do after 12? What are the good things about getting an attribute over 12...does it effect the mitigation and resistance against things you cast on? So for example will flare do more damage to a creatue when you have 14 skill versus 12 skill after the skill reached its max. If there is no plus to raising a skill above 12, then you could really create some interesting builds using runes to get skills higher.

    Also, does Energy Storage still give you +3 energy for every point above 12?
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    Come on, somebody has to atleast have a little more knowledge than I do on this!

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    Oh come on....

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    i THINK your skills can be increased above 12 by runes or armor that adds to that skill (a monk's head thing can add to healing prayers but doesn't count against runes, for example). you should be able to get a skill up to 16 that way.

    there's a simple way to test it. enter the PVP character creation process. you'll see you have one attribute boosting item because one of your attributes starts at 1 (colored blue meaning magically boosted). try raising that to 13.

    Quote Originally Posted by SprintFun
    Also, does Energy Storage still give you +3 energy for every point above 12?
    i don't see why not

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    Just tested, Dmg Does Improve, not sure about energy storage but pretty confident it wil go up aswell :happy34:

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    So your damage will go above what is listed as the spell's max at 12? That's what I wanted to know, I knew you could raise an attribute up over 12 but wanted to know if there was a benefit of it.

    I'd really like to know how damage is factored versus another character, and if having a higher attribute will lower their resistance towards you. For example, so I hit Joe with a flare for 30 damage when my fire magic is at 12. If I hit Joe with flare when my fire magic is 14 will I do more than proportional damage to him? IE my skills are more powerful and gets through his resistances better.

    Also, what's the highest you could get a skill up to using runes?
    12 Attribute points + 4 armor items with 3 fire magic on each from runes + flame's eye + rune on flames eye (is it possible?)

    That would give a person 25 possibly 28 fire magic...right? The hitpoint loss would really suck, I'm just outlining the possibility.

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    Runes don't stack. You can only have one kind of rune for attribute taking effect. If you have a minor fire in your gloves and boots, your fire would only get increased by 1, not 2.

    your attribute can only be maxed out to 17 (12 + 3 from runes + headpiece and possibly your weapon)

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    I see about the stacking...so is getting an attribute over 12 really worth it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SprintFun
    I see about the stacking...so is getting an attribute over 12 really worth it?
    i could ask if its worth to get an attribute from 11 to 12. its exactly the same thing :)

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    Is it worth it by spending attribute points? I don't really think so...but I have it at 11 and have 12 from my eye...

    How smart would a rune build like this be:

    Superior Fire (+3 Fire Magic, -75 HP)
    Superior Energy Storage (+9 Energy, -75HP)
    Superior Vigor (+50 HP)

    +3 Fire Magic, +9 Energy, -100HP.

    Or would it be better to swap out The Superior Fure for a Major Fire? (Assuming one's focus is fire)

    Also, am I the only one who thinks that there should be a broader ranger of general runes? Such as Energy Regen, +Energy, +AL, HP Regen, Chance to cast/recover quicker...and I'm just looking at things from a caster's view. I just don't feel there is enough customization for armor...since really "ubber" armor can't be obtained from killing things I think we're limited in what armors we can chose from...tyhey're all basically the same and we have a limited number of ways to statistically customize them.

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