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Thread: exp bar

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    exp bar

    ive noticed in a few screens that peoples xp bar is built into their life and energy bar. i was just wondering how they get it like that. (sorry for such a dumb question)

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    GWOnline.Net Member SoDak's Avatar

    You can adjust your UI ingame by clicking on Menu, Customize, and Edit Interface. Just remember to save your changes.

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    GWOnline.Net Member PROLINKer's Avatar

    The screens you see that the exp bar is on top of the life/mana bars are from BETA, which they renew the design. But still you can do it by customizing your UI just SoDak Said :)

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    ya i tried that but it jsut looks stupid. I liked the one of the beta pics becuase it looks good built in. ehh doesnt really matter that much anyways, idk why im being picky. lol well thanks guys.

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