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Thread: runes..... wtf?

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    runes..... wtf?

    hmm i just used 2 major runes of vigor in my armor. the problem there is that i appear to have gotten the bonus from only one.

    the first rune i put in gave me +41 life, it was a major vigor

    i put a second major vigor in, no +to life

    i put a minor vigor in(to see if u can only have 1 of each type :/), no + to life.

    afterwards i found that either of the major armors and no other armor would give me that +41 and the minor with no other armors gives me +38 :/. can neone explain this? im kinda mad that i lost that major of vigor, kind of hoping that this is a bug that will be fixed :O

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    IIRC you may only have one rune of each type active in each piece of armor. The most powerful rune will replace the benefit of a lesser rune. The benfits will not stack.

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    but this doesnt explain why my major runes are only giving +3 more life than my minor runes :/ i thought that there was a larger difference between them. :confused:

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    actually the major should have given more than 3 difference...cant explain why it didnt

    suggestion....if you have a major (+2) or superior (+3) rune....you may consider saving it for your highest lvl armor for the most effect...I would hate to put a major rune into a mid level armor


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    Runes do not stack on your armour. 'Applying' a rune to an armour piece already 'enhanced' with a rune, will 'delete' the existing rune and replace it with the new rune.

    Bear in mind though, that with an 'Expert Salvage Kit' you can extract the rune from the 'old' armour, when you upgrade to the new. This will destroy the old armour piece. You cannot extract runes from 'Starter' armour.
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    Minor runes are supposed to give +30 life bonus, major +41 and superior+50

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