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    Axe Warrior... Cleave VS Evicerate...

    Which would you pick? Evicerate gives you skill slot advantage, with a mix of damage. Cleave is pure damage, but to achieve the same effect as Evicerate, it'll take 2 slots(Hence the slot advantage for those who don't understand the term).

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    No comments?

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    Depends. PvE I'd go with Eviscerate since the Deep Wound effect is incredibly handy and there's very little chance of it getting removed. PvP though I'd side with Cleave since the extra damage is what you're aiming for over a condition that could just be removed. Leave Deep Wound to millions of sword Warrior's with Sever Artery/Gash and go with Executioner's Strike, Penetrating Blow and Cleave to rack up the damage.

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    But the trademark of Axe Warriors is the instant Deepwound instead of a Bleed -> Deepwound which somtimes might miss(Conditions of bleed removed or something). Which either brining Dismember and Cleave or just Evicerate alone with other stuff. EV is more on skill slot advantage, but Dismember and Cleave works better.

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    Ratix0, just try them both out and see which you, personally, like better. Half the fun in this game is the experiment. I'm loving my current build, but many people told me that it wasn't worthwhile. An axe-wielding close-combat R/W. However, only being level 10, I haven't found either of the skills in question.

    On a sidenote, I know you from somewhere. I can't recall where, though. One of the GameFAQs boards, maybe? Nameless Soul was my choice of name there.

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    Yep Gamefaqs it is. My topic was stickied =).

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