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Poll: Do you like using Signet of Capture?

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    Does anyone actually like the Signet of Capture?

    I'm wondering... does anyone actually like the Signet of Capture now that we are forced to use it to gain elite skills?

    During the Beta's I tried out using SOC a few times and pretty much wrote it off as a gigantic unfun pain in the ***. I never posted during the Beta's what a POS the SOC was because it was never actually required to obtain skills. I always thought it was just going to be an option I could ignore, but now......

    I don't mind having to do a quest or having to kill a boss for an elite, but the SOC is major grind.

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    When runes aren't thousands of times worse, skills might look bad.

    As it is, I can find a location (The web is an amazing tool and the elite skills are starting to be listed), I can spend a few hours, and I can capture the skill. That's good enough for me.

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    GWOnline.Net Member sparkyman's Avatar

    i captured glyph of elemental power this way.....had to go back and redo the mission because i was unawre of a boss using a useful skill i would need....actually had to do it 2 more times because the 1st time the group didnt do any bosses :(


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    I dont mind it. Keeps the value of elite skills high.

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    I think it's casting time needs to be drastically reduced. I had to spend 5 minutes of running away from Nazeem in the Gates of Kryta so he would heal just so I could capture Earthquake. He cast it 10 times, but all (except the last) he immediately followed up with Blinding Flash or Lightning Touch. If the Signet of Capture had a 1/4 casting time, it would be much easier to catch the right skill or spell admist all the fast ones we don't want.

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    i am curious, I read that SOC is permanently replaced by the skill you capture, so how would you get all of your elites?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karmal
    i am curious, I read that SOC is permanently replaced by the skill you capture, so how would you get all of your elites?
    There are a few skill vendors that sell Signet of Capture.

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    SoC is a pain as it is now, mostly because by the time you're done casting it the boss has casted something else. Make it 1/4 and many more people will be happy pokémoning their skills.

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    I like using it and the fact that it is hard. Call me strange but I prefer difficult games over easy ones.

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    The difficulty I see in the skill capturing system is that some skills are likely to never be seen being cast. Or (as said earlier) the skill is too fast. How would you capture Power Block for instance? Especially if the boss immediately uses another skill?

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