i notice that i have these "things" like grim cestas and healing ankhs and various other wierd things that i generally get from collectors i think. They are equippable however when equiped i get a red circle with a cross that i guess means its equipped but not working. All say Energy +3 so i imagined they were some wierd thing u cud equip to boost stats however afaik there is no difference when using them. I notice that they are also listed as crafting items which is another aspect i dont entirely understand in GW yet!

What are these wierd equippable items? Also is there a more uptodate version of the crafting guide as the one on GWO says its very early or is it infact uptodate? lastly, what are salvage kits for such as the ones Grawl regularly drop? Im sorry if my questions are answered only round the corner but im still on my first character at about level 6, its the last month of my Uni course for this year and im kinda playing 10mins of GW in between assignments and revision! In a months time im gonna lock my doors and shut my curtains for about a month but until then i still feel a little in the dark about many aspects!