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    PvP Warrior/Necro Build Critique

    Class: Warrior / Necromancer

    Attributes: (cost) '+' indicates Rune attributes
    Strength: 10 (61)
    Sword Mastery: 12 (97)
    Blood Magic: 8 (37)

    Total attribute points used: 195/200

    Skills: [Attribute] (Energy, Cast Time, Recharge TIme)

    1) Sever Artery [Swordsmanship] (0,0,4) Skill: If this attack hits, the opponent begins bleeding for 5-21 seconds, losing health over time.

    2) Gash [Swordsmanship] (0,0,7) Skill: If this attack hits a bleeding foe, you strike for 5-9 more damage and that foe suffers a deep wound, lowering that foe's maximum health by 20% for 5-17 seconds.

    3) Galrath Slash [Swordsmanship] (0,0,8) Skill: This attack strikes for +1-32 damage if it hits.

    4) Final Thrust [Swordsmanship] (0,0,10) Skill: Lose all adrenaline. If Final Thrust hits, you deal 1-32 more damage. This damage is doubled if your target was below 50% health.

    5) Offering of Blood [Blood Magic] (5,0,15) Spell: Sacrifice 10% maximum health. You gain 17 energy. This is an elite skill

    6) Plague Touch [none] (5,1,0) Skill: Transfer a negative condition from yourself to target touched foe.

    7) Life Siphon [Blood Magic] (10,2,2) Hex: For 21 seconds, target suffers health degeneration of 3, and you gain health regeneration of 3.

    8) Vampiric Gaze [Blood Magic] (10,1,5) Spell: Steal 49 health from target foe.

    do you guys think this would be a successful build for pvp? suggestions and comments thanks

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    I like the idea, but worry about energy. I see you have offering of Blood to counteract this but that can be a double edged sword. Sacrificing health in combat has caused me to suicide in the past.

    You have no "heal", I assume that you are relying on Life Siphon and Vampiric Gaze? Both of those are 10 energy and you would not want to use OoB if you needed to heal. Of course in PvP you could rely on a Monk teammate so it is not always necessary.

    The combination of Bleeding a Life Siphon does work particularly well though. :happy34:

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    IMHO ItzJohnny, you're going to have an energy crisis. I found this shield +6 Armor but it has +5 energy too.... if 5 energy gets you one spell off that could be 70'ish hp... ? something to consider.

    My W/N is hammer instead of sword (just like why I made a Earth rather Fire elemental) because I would rather try to make viable a route not commonly taken.

    Heal signet is under tactics which blends best with swords (a likely reason why there are so many), so I needed a different path for hp. I went Blood but I find at higher levels there just isn't enough blood to be taken even in PvE. I tried using Blood Renewal but really, thats only a gain when a healer's around because 1/3 of my warriors high hp is about the same i get back though i do get better, but risky, hp regen inthe meantime.

    I now use Soul Feast (exploit a corpse; Death magic) to get 188 hp almost instantly with around 8 lvls in it --- half my hp at level 16. As a nifty backup... i got a +10 energy truncheon and +8 energy off-hand to swap to if i need some extra energy ASAP (switching back weapons sets you to a virtual negative energy; no, you dont get free energy :)

    I'd like to know whether my predicament will get worse later on, ie an even worse total-hp/siphon ratio. Please help because I've wound up with a yellow sword and shield but am stubborn for hammer!
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    dont bother with galrath
    u have sever gash final(ultimate sw combo so far)
    if u relly want some extra skill that would help your sw add berserker stance
    or some kind of other str/tactics oriented skill
    i love berserk becouse of faster attack and faster adrenaline gain
    basicly u strt with it u power up all 3 adrenalines
    (right about when your stance will expire) than u unload all 3

    with necro i just have a bad experience
    so far a w/mo with endure pain mending and healing breeze was just to much of a tank to kill for most w/ns i encounter in my random battles
    i tryed w/n myself and i must say
    that its a bit overrated
    ppl praise psn so much but a lvl 9 heling prayers mending+breeze+endure pain are just so hard to overcome
    but i quess it dsnt look bad
    just focus on leeching with necro skills
    dsnt look bad
    i would just stick to lvl 11 sw
    and i think u forgot about tactics
    and stranght is a bit to high as well like 8 should be enought i think

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    I have yet to find a W/M that solos better than I do in/around the Crystal Desert.I hardly use Blood Magic,I think its a waste of time because most of them have high energy cost.Most spells I use from necro line are Soul Feast,Parasitic Bond,Plague Touch and Mark of Pain.I'm looking into Life Transfer but other than that I'd say blood is irrelevant for a W/N as warriors dont have enough energy to begin with and stances (unless u use Bonetti's like me) cost energy as well as some attacks (100 Blades,Seeking Blade,etc).Parasitic Bond on the mob,kill fast,(sword and shield combo),thats a 72hp right there with 7 death magic,when it dies Soul Feast 157hp off a corpse,I also have 7 curses.Just my opinion though,it works for me.I use Endure Pain also so W/M with it just cancels out.And while they're running low on energy I still have alot more to dish out.Just a thought.

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    Hmm, me like Curses like Faintheartedness, Weaken Armor for PvP. PvE I still use blood though Mark of Pain, and the Aoe Slow one (shadow something?) are great for big groups.

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    Strength is really over-rated

    I suggest you take those points out, put them into Blood Magic.

    A better combination would be a N/W and focus on blood magic more than anything else. Rely on the Life Siphon, leech skills, and Monk healing to keep you alive. Life Transfer sucks if you compare it to Life Siphon. Why? The long cooldown of Life Transfer does not make it usable against more than 1 foe at a time. You can get the same or even more than the amount of degen and regen if you have more than 1 foe against you (which is almost always).

    1. Awaken the Blood
    2. Life Siphon
    3. Vampiric Touch
    4. Vampiric Gaze
    5. Soul Leech or Mark of Subversion (choose what you like, but Soul Leech is elite)
    6. Sever Artery
    7. Gash
    8. Auxiliary skill (such as sprint or a stance of some sort)

    In Pvp, tag the called foe with Life Siphon, then tag another person. If you get hexed and start degening, tag another to reduce the DoT. start off with awaken the blood, followed by Vampiric Touch and Vampiric Gaze. In between cooldown, pool up adrenaline and use sever artery + gash. If you're really dying for energy, I think Bonetti's Defense would be a good stance in the 8th slot or if you decide to take Mark of Subversion instead of Soul Leech, you can use Offering of Blood.

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