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    Complete Ascension Guide

    This guide will include images for where to go to get to every town, and a general review of all the missions. I did this because too many people A) Can't find their way around for 4-5 days and B) Can't pass elona. Hopefully people will find this helpful.


    This is a guide from Amnoon Oasis to Augury Rock.
    1) The entire red line from the oasis to the teleporter is swarming with Scarabs. Scarabs can easily bypass your armor, they count as necros and get shadow something to do it. Don't try to run past them, there will be too many at the end and you won't be able to attune the portal in time. Fight your way there slowly, and you'll make it with minimal death. Make sure the whole line is clear. That way, should you die later on and get ressurected at the strating res spot, you won't have to re-kill some scarabs.

    2) This is a fairly easy section. The line covers from the portal's end to the about the end of the 2's tail. You will face hydras and minitaurs, not too much of a problem. Hydras only have a one time damage potentail, so tank them once and your free. Both hydras and minitaurs will patrols the dunes, so watch your back for reinforcments. Slow and easy and you win.

    3) Home free! Just run it, there's only a few devourers along the way. You can fight or run with no big problem.


    1) There are a LOT of hydras here. The best way to kill them is to have an enchanted (protection/armor upgrade) warrior out tank their first attack, and then kill them. Hydras are high damage, but low health and low recharge rate. Follow the map exactly and you should avoid 3 full hydra teams. Use the portal to cross, and then go to the new area.

    2) This area has a lot of sand drakes. After the hydras, trust me, they will seem easy. It's not too hard of an area. Do not try to run it, the sand drakes have sprint, and a lot of them will be chasing you. There's a small chance a sand worm will be present near the 2.

    3) Run it, fight it, you're close enough to not care.


    Elona : Probably the hardest mission of them all. I suggest you head back out and get the Thirsty River and Dunes of Despair before you attempts this beast.

    1) The first line you follow is the red one.
    The way to do it is fairly simple though. At the start, make your way to the hero with the item. After he releases the gate, kill the group on the South gate. Keep going south, up the mountain, slowly killing the groups you find.
    2) Now you're on the blue line.
    Head back the way you came, a few new groups poped in your way. Kill them and head to the next one, it shouldn't be too hard if you take it slow. You'll reach the third item if you don't go to quickly, and if no one agroos a bunch of the big mobs.
    3) Now start heading back, follow the black line. You'll find one group that formed around the gate you exited. Do NOT try running this part, one of the two item carriers will die, and you'll fail. Fight your way up, run if both carriers can make it and you're near the ghostly hero. Congradulations, you're done with elona.


    This road takes you from Elona to the Thirsty River.

    1) You've done this before, just do it in reverse order now = )

    2) Take the low and green valley. You'll meet a lot of Lasandru (or whatever their names are). Lasandrus are, well, think of really pissed off centaurs. They're not too hard if you take them slowly, and only fight 1-2 mobs at a time. Avoid the hydras at all cost, they are so densely grouped you will die. You could try running the Lasandru when you're half way through the valley, but it's safer to fight them.


    1) You'll be facing a few lasandru and griffons, nothing to worry about. Atune the portal and step through.
    2) There's a few lasandru right at the opening of the portal, they might pose a challenge, but not a very big one. Take the black line if you want a little experience, and a great view of the area. If not, follow the red line. The lower valley has a lot of dispered groups of Lasandru, and the burrowers up high can't hit you. The area is easy.
    3) While you are very, very close to the new area now. Do NOT run it. There are a hell of a lot of monsters packed tightly together, they will get you if you try running.

    Congrats, you're at the Thirsty River.

    No picture.

    The Thirsty River is quite easy. When you start the stage, you'll have to kill a few sand giant for moral bonuses (don't talk to the ghostly hero until you have explored the entire area for sand giants). After that, you get to fight in a PvP style PvE arena.
    The first one is easy. Kill the first patroling group, then the second, and kill the priest and guarding group, which including a lizard version of the ghostly hero.
    The second one is a little harder. Wait until both teams start fighting, and kill the four lizards/armor fighting near you. Run up the hill, and kill the other 4 lizards fighting, and then proceed to kill the priest + guards. Wait until the group revives, kill the 2 lizards that come up to you, run and kill the two at the bottom of the hill, and then kill the priest + guards.
    The third one is a bit of a challenge. Go right and kill the priest + guards. Wait until the two minute mark, and then go across and kill the priest + guards. The only way left now is to the top of the hill, the central priest. He's guarded more then every other priest was before. Kill the guards, then the priest, then the hero.
    You're done with the thirsty river now. Return to Augury Rock.


    1) Reform your group, and leave the rock. Head down to the new area, tanking hydras for their first hit damage. Either follow the lower basin, or use the teleporter, they both have about the same groups guarding them.

    2) They'll be some desser griffons here, and potentially a worm near the raised part next to the ressurection shrine. It's alone, tank it and kill it. Kill the griffons at the bottom of the hill, and then use the teleporter. You'll appear near some Sand Elementals, they're not too bad to kill (don't get swarmed).

    3) Follow the road down, and take the teleporter! Avoiding the teleporter means death, as their are two sand worms on the 3, and it's a massive detour to get to the dunes the other way. You might face some sand giants near the teleporter. Get a warrior to rush in and absorb all the giant stomps while you heal him, and cross the teleporter after.

    Dunes of Despair.

    No Picture.

    The Dunes of Despair is probably the easiest of them all. Simply kill everything you find in your path. After you start finding more enchanted armor and less centaur, you'll find some armor guarding something that looks like a city on top of a hill. Go there, clear the entrance (3-4 armor) and then your ghostly hero will beging a 10 odd minutes ritual. Kill the armor groups as they spawn, and then get the Siege Worms as they spawn. The area can easily be done by two players and four henchmen.


    Head back to Augury Rock, and talk to the priest. Now he's taken you down to the oasis in front of Augury rock, where three ghosts will tell you some things about their lives. The circle ahead will be glowing, step into it, and then step on all the buttons on the ground.

    The cliff will open, and you will be facing a mirror image of yourself. I don't have many tactics for you, but here's one for the ranger (he's apparently the hardest to beat it with).

    1) The mirror is very stupid. Get your pet for this, and go in close. Your mirror will use a sword instead of his bow, and you don't have a sword skill, which will make him incapable of using skills. Simply do this and poison the guy until he dies. Heal with whatever you have at hand if your health goes too low, but do realise he will use heal too.

    EDIT: The ranger tactic can be used for everyone. The sword seems to do the least damage (my warrior was brought down to 1/4 health and then he switchs to a sword and didn't do as much damage). You can outtank him at close range with anyone, I believe.

    Hope this helps all of you. :happy34:
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    Semi-spoilers (I don't give any details about the story, but if you wanted to figure out how to fight your mirror on your own you don't want to read this)

    Dodging arrows: Sit as far away from your mirror as you can be and still cast spells on it, and tap Q and E (Or strafe left and right, if you have them rebound) as fast as you can. Tap them both, many people hear that and try to only tap one. This twitchy movement will cause your mirror to shoot wide and miss most of his shots (You can do it slower, but doing it really fast takes less practice)

    Here's how each of the six classes can beat their mirror:

    Monk: I'm sorry, use your secondary. There may be a way involving scourge healing, but I haven't been able to test that not having a high level monk, and am not sure you have scourge healing against him anyway.

    Warrior: Bring frenzy, for great justice, and a couple decent attack skills. He WILL use frenzy, as soon as he does tear into him with your hardest hitting attacks, and you should finish him off rapidly. I've heard he sometimes doesn't use frenzy, but he used it against me.

    Mesmer: Bring backfire, empathy, and a bunch of useless enchants. As soon as you load, select nearest enemy and backfire him. Then retreat, cast empathy on him, and dodge his arrows as described above. He'll take himself out very rapidly. If you're having troubles with backfire on yourself, just bring empathy and dodge him to death.

    Necromancer: All kinds of ways. Dark fury and Order spells supposedly work great (I've never tried them), because he'll cast them rapidly and absolutely decimate himself. As well, you can just use price of failure then dodge his arrows to death. Defile flesh, dark pact, and malaise are also good ones to throw into the list to get him to kill himself for you.

    Ranger: Load up on 5-6 nature rituals, and a couple damage skills or spells. Your mirror will start the fight off by casting every single ritual, giving you a great head start to demolish him.

    Elementalist: Firestorm, meteor shower, and anything else that you can cast at range and run out from under. He won't get out from under it, but you will, so he'll take massively more damage than you. Dodge the arrows in between your skills recharging. If desired, bring junk enchantments for him to spend his time casting while you let your skills recharge.

    So, that's the best I've got, I believe each tactic should work, it may not be the best but it should get you through the guy. Just remember: Empty the extra skill slots, bringing extra stuff just helps him, and never bring a heal.

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    This is probably a stupid question, but nobody ever accused me of being the sharpest knife in the drawer...

    How do ya work the teleporters?

    I just hit Amnoon last night and went out exploring with a band of henchies...made it to the teleporter and fiddled with each of the four pedestals but couldn't make it work. What gives?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caden
    This is probably a stupid question, but nobody ever accused me of being the sharpest knife in the drawer...

    How do ya work the teleporters?

    I just hit Amnoon last night and went out exploring with a band of henchies...made it to the teleporter and fiddled with each of the four pedestals but couldn't make it work. What gives?
    Step on the transporter, wait for the pedestals to light up in the order is says, and then replicate that pattern.

    GW simmon says.

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    Nice thread, should be very helpfull for many, everytime i show up at the rock or one of the 3 missions with a level 20 i get a ton of whispers with questions lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldving
    Why do monks always get screwed?

    "I'm sorry, use your secondary."

    In this case, because you don't have any nice self-destructive skills, or any good ranged AoE DoT spells.

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    very great job...you put alot of work into this...2 bad i was done with acension b4 it could have used the help...but im glad you did this its a great help to the GW community

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    hi im lvl 18 E/N i was wondering if this could work with Henchman?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesJB
    hi im lvl 18 E/N i was wondering if this could work with Henchman?
    Nevermind i just ascended...woot!! :)

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    doing the desert missions again with my elementalist
    and elona is still one of the most annoying missions ever saw people trying over 17 times

    thirsty river is a walk in the parc now cause of necro skill exploits
    we killed the last 3 priests in under 2 minutes total and finished killed the hero's (only things left a bit later)

    same with the ones before that they got sweeped and killed in matter of seconds cause the necro's nicely teleported to the other side of the door not starting the timer and they just lured everything to the gate a few enemies at a time
    the monk only had to heal the necro, wasn't hard cause necro's pawn at self healing and the rest of the party massacred the foes with aoe spells

    so if you want an easy thirsty river mission just take along 1 or 2 (best = 2) necro's
    it might take a bit longer but it's so easy after that

    just a note:
    even with all the oposition gone we still didn't finish the mission in time to get the bonus
    just like to ask Anet why on earth do you make that bonus mission impossible cause without the necro bug it's completely impossible
    a full party with 5 necro's and one person to stand outside might be able to get the bonus, cause they can kill everything off and then let the ghost open the gate, rushing to kill the last hero

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