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    how u unlock amoon arena.. i tried finding the way in but it was blocked by water.. anyways very good guide and well done

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    finish sanctum cay

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    Quote Originally Posted by est assassin
    finish sanctum cay
    i did
    (oo too much short)

    well i did finsih sanctum cay and im referring to Amnoon Arena not Amnoon Oasis...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poisoned Hunter
    i did
    (oo too much short)

    well i did finsih sanctum cay and im referring to Amnoon Arena not Amnoon Oasis...
    Some time way back when, the Amoon Arena got merged with all the other arenas into the Team's Arena (in Droks - for when you choose your team) and the Competitive Arena (in LA - random team), in these arenas you randomly played on one of the maps. With the Faction PvP weekend those two arenas were moved to the Battle Isles, which you get to by clicking on the boat on the map by LA (if you've gotten that far) and travel to Grenth's Templs (IIRC) which as of now is the only destination and the Team's Arena is there as is the Competitive Arena.

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    just a quick note.. maybe someone already mentioned it but i can't be bothered to read it all now.. soz

    i have beaten my doppleganger easily by putting all minion skills in my skill bar, healing breeze and SS. dropped the SS on it right away and i was just running around (without attacking!) and healing myself untill it died.

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    I just beat the doppel, no tricks or exploits, and on the first try.


    Swords 12 (10+1+1), Earth 10, Tactics 10 (9+1), rest in Strenght

    Pure Strike
    Sever Art
    Final Thrust
    Armor of Earth
    Obsidian Flame
    Heal Sig
    Res Sig (useless, but I didn't bother switching it)

    Cast Armor, start fighting, use you attack skills. Have all 4 of them charged when he uses Heal sig. Then Sever + Gash + Pure + Obsidian (he should be under 50% now) + Final. He's almost dead.

    The doppel doesn't use Obsidian for some reason, and it gives you some nice burst damage to set him up for a Final Thrust. He does however use Armor of Earth, but Obsidian ignores it anyway...

    You can replace the Res sig with whatever you like.

    I know this post isn't much use since it's harder to find a W/E than a PuG that uses Ventrilo

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    just an interesting point... I got bored one day and wanted the get the lowest possible lvl into Dragons Lair and the Farthest lvl 1 I could in the game.

    Results were I have a lvl 1 char in Ring of Fire Mission (James Bond MIA) and a lvl 12 in Dragon's Lair (damn that 50k xp) cause i beat my double at lvl 4... Want a chalenge... Try killing a lvl 20 one on one with a lvl4 with no attribute points to increase your skills ;)

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    @ Ashetaka

    What did you use for it?

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    Hmm, didn`t had any troubles with my doppelganger.
    Tho I used a W/Mo, I had to fight a very weak ranger.
    Withing 10 seconds I finished him.
    Dunno why I had a ranger doppelganger....maybe because I had a bow ready when entering the mission,lol!!

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    i beat mirrior on my mo/me

    physical resistance
    healing breeze

    i was lvl 16 so attr points were had to come by, but i decided to have
    8 healing
    4 inspiration
    rest smite (was about 8-10)

    pre cast mending and retribution, just swing away..... i also had to sacrifice some points into dieivine favor ni order to have the full damage from my wand (fortunately is req 8).

    always keep phys resistance on, and maintaint healing breeze when below 50% health otherwise energy becomes a problem...

    took me a while to kil him but it worked.. in fact i think it was the ongest battle ive ever had with him.

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