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    Final Set of Warrior Armor?

    Hey guys, any input on combonation of armor I should go for at Draknor's? This was that i was thinking
    -Knight's Boots
    -Wyvern Cuirass
    -Gladiator's Leggings
    -Stonefist Guantlet's or Gladiator's Guantlet's if I respec sword.

    How does that sound?

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    Dump the cuirass. It doesnt provide as much protection as a Knight or Ascalon Cuirass would.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaziurra
    Dump the cuirass. It doesnt provide as much protection as a Knight or Ascalon Cuirass would.
    Wyvern has more Armor though, and absorption is only effective on one item.

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    I'd recommend Wyvern armor and just upgrade it with stuff.As a War/Nec I never have trouble with energy and I use full Wyvern from Amnoon til I get my da*n crafting items to craft from Draknor's.I use Major Absorption,Major Vigor,Minor tactics runes.PM me in game for more inquiries.Feywolf Tigereye.

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    Go with full Knights armor, the reduced damage stat helps. This is how armor vs melee works. Certain body parts have a certain chance of getting hit ( Head/Helm, Chest/Body Armor etc..), when the certain armor peice is hit, the dmg is reduced, if your hit in the head, which has the least chance to be hit, its a critical hit, the chest is the most commonly place hit, and if weilding a shild, the armor from the shield goes towards the place being hit. So having full Knights armor is beneficial, it does not "stack" persay, but if the armor peice is hit then the reduced damage comes into effect ONLY if the armor peice has the reduced damage effect.

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    I'd suggest sticking with a single set of armor. You'll look a lot better.. :P

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    Does anyone have an actual amount of items/gold you'll need?
    So far, I've read that you may need:
    128 iron ingots, 32 leather squares, 7500gp (gwonline.net might be outdated)
    175 Iron, 28 Leather Squares 6000gp (without the helm or so by Azrus Revell (above poster D:))

    other threads including 15k gps, but nothing about materials..

    I'm confused =\

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