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Thread: About Crafting

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    About Crafting

    I have a question.

    When you customized your weapon and armors is there then any other crafting you can do?

    I mean i find lots of salvaged items but i cant find anything to use them for.

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    You can always sell them if you have all your need.

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    i get tons of salvagable items now too and i my friend said to keep them and use an expert salvage kit on them. I dont know what to do with most of the common crafting material though. i know that iron ingots make armor for the warrior and tanned hides make armor for the ranger but idk what the other common crafting materials are for either.

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    I know i can sell them. I just want to know if there is any other crafting to do than the one you do when you buy an armor or get +20 damage on a weapon.

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    You can upgrade them. Armor upgrades are Runes and weapon upgrades are various Item Modifiers.
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    There are artisans that convert common crafting materials to rare crafting materials. But the end focus for crafting is making better armor for your character. If you're asking can I "Craft a fishing pole" or something like that then no those types of items don't exist in Guild Wars.

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    No i mean if I bouht all the best armor in old Ascelon and found a good weapon that i customized then what else can i do?

    What should i use all my gold on and what can i use all the things i find to?

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    If you plan to play other characters then you can use gold and items for those characters. I wouldn't worry about the extra gold. ANet will always tweak the game (like create gold sink, how about the 15k armor) so no one will sit on a pile of gold and items.

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    What's this 15k Armor everyone's talking about?

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    15k armor? where can you buy that?

    So basicly you are saying that when i have all 30 armors then theres nothing else to do untill i can find runes?

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