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    Wanted: My kind of Guild

    So, after having my basic quesitons answered, I have decided to jump on the "guild bandwagon". For all you literal people that means I am now non-actively seeking the best fit guild for me.

    I expect your replies in 500 words or less, double spaced on beige parchment by 23:59:59 (GMT - 8) 13th day of May in the year of our lourd 2005.....or you could just reply here, PM me, or e-mail (as I tend to delete without even looking at any offers I receive in game). :happy05:

    About me
    I am not a newb in the PnP RPG world but I am a sad and pathetic MMORPG world newb. I currently have a couple friends locally who I try to run around and play with. I like playing with them, when we find time to play together. Now, I am looking for others to play with when my circle of 4 friends is not available.

    Being new to the MMORPG world, I have no idea about acronyms (I had to google MMORPG for cripes sake!), controls, etc. And, as I stated in another post I abhor willfull ignorance...so I tend to ask a lot of questions.

    Now that I've scared you all off, here's how I like to play.
    I love the RPG element of the PvE game. I love to explore, everywhere! I want to complete every task, not just rush through to see how fast I can get done and be level 20 with 15k purple paisly armor (1337 OMGBBQ dUde!!!!).

    I've never even ventured into the PvP aspect (other than the required mission to get to post-sear...I won, BTW) because I do not feel confidant in my ability to understand it....YET.

    I like to help others out, I like to be helped out. For instance, I just took my level 8 E/R post-sear and found that I need a crap load of cloth to make my armor. I was more than willing to trade away anything else I had to get this (despite gold piece value). If you want to be an *** and overcharge me, it's on your conscious (sp?), not mine. And if you're smart enough to pull the wool over my eyes, kudos for you!

    I am looking for a mature (as in playing, not age) group of people who don't mind a semi-casual (12-16 hours weeknights 6-10ish PST and various on weekends) player who has a great sense of humor and loves to have fun.

    I don't give a flying fruit about your cape, your hall or your penis/boob size (those are all just extras in my book :winking47 ), I just would like to have some like-minded people to play with.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and even possibly consider my "resume".

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    Lol,you sound very interested in a playing group,aside from your 4 friends.Fabled Legends has been around in guild wars for near to 2years (beta),we used to be known as Unseen Hunters.We started off as a group of 6 friends migrating from EQ or other games.We currently are up to around 20 members and looking for more.Our goals are to help our members out (completing missions,attaining new armor,finishing quests,etc),and to start working together as a team in PvP arenas.We have not as of yet acquired a guildhall for a few reasons.1) We don't PvP enough as a guild yet or know the ins and outs of GvG to be any good,so what use is the hall? 2) We kind of refuse to pay the 15-45plat just to buy a sigil from a player 3) We feel it would be more rewarding if we helped everyone finish their missions/quests/armor and EARN the Sigil ourselves when winning the Hall of Heroes than it would be to just buy it.We are a close knit family type guild looking for more fun and active players.Our forums are located at:
    The site may or may not be down when you go to check it out as the site I created it on is giving me some hassle.(I may decide to change it in the near future).Also we are working on getting Teamspeak or Ventrillo (not fully decided on one yet) together so the guild can have an easier time to communicate with one another via PvE,PvP,or just wanting to have idle chatter.Look me up in game if you are interested and thank you for taking the time to read my no-paragraph posting (lol).
    -Feywolf Tigereye 20war/nec

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    Lyndi Dawn
    Hi Tzhebee

    We are always looking for other Ancient Spirits for our guild. Visit our website and check us out and see if we might be a match for you. The guild was just made the other night so we are extremely small but hoping to grow with quality people who enjoy having fun and are of like spirit and mind.

    Good luck on your guild search and if you need anything just give a /whisper in game.

    Lyndi Dawn

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    Thanks! I'll keep my eyes open for you.

    Oh, and since I can't edit my original post, you can find me under the name Saphire Phoenix. :happy34:

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    Welcome to the bandwagon.

    If you're intersted in a small, tightly knit guild, Lurking Genocide may fit in with you and your group of friends. We aren't much at the moment, merely a few real life friends who enjoy playing the game. We have been waiting on some of our friends to purchase the game and join in the fun, but in the meantime, we have decided to look outside of our circle for members.

    Quite frankly, I'm impressed by your open admission of ignorance. Very few people seem to understand much about Guild Wars, but fewer still are willing to admit it and try to learn. If you, and possibly your friends, are interested in teaming up with [Lurk], send Periac Windfell a message in game. I can't claim to know everything about the game, but I can say that I play it far too much and am willing to help with relevant information.

    Like I said, contact me in game and perhaps we can set up a meeting on my TeamSpeak server, as all this typing is already starting to wear me out.

    Good luck in finding a guild that is right for you,

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