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    Elite Skills Locations List

    energy surge - second mission on fire islands
    power block - just NE outside emberlight camp on fire islands
    illusionary weaponry - iron mines(on the boss mob just after the seer, the boss
    changes so it may take a few runs)
    energy drain - southwest of thunderhead

    im Currently Looking for Echo and Migrane

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    Echo - Perdition Rock : boss named Rwek Khawl Mawl (mahgo hydra boss)
    Signet of midnight - Perdition Rock : Squid (Phantom) boss in Perdition Rock.

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    Migraine - Ring of Fire : boss named Pytt Spitespew (breezer keeper boss)

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    Can somebody tell me when we get to the Iron Mines mission/map ? I'm level 18 and i'm dying to get Illusionary Weaponry.
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    Hi. Could you please explain what you mean by "energy drain - southwest of thunderhead"?

    I've looked all over and couldn't find the guy, even after multiple attempts. I've also heard its directly west of Marhan's Grotto, across the bridge with the imps, but i've never found a boss mob there.

    Please help.

    I've actually gotten IW, and off the top of my head, Acension -> Dragon's Lair -> Ice Caves -> Ironmines
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    Fevered Dream - Abbadon's mouth - Plexus Shadowhook

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    There's the specific spot where echo is. I died when I took the map screenshot.
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    You should send this to GWOnline to get it listed here:


    Would be great to have our class filled up with locations before any other class :D

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    Another location for Crippling Anguish: boss called Yxthoshth in Salt Flats in the desert. He's one of those squid type looking mobs.

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    theres another spot where echo appears. its where those jade bows kill the other monster there. right along the way to the above echo spot.

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