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    Stuck in a guild..

    I am "stuck" in a guild. Yesterday I went to leave my old guild, and join a new one. However, upon joining the new one, I did not appear on the guild list, I aquired a cape...that lasted only until the next zone change. My tag didnt update either, and was left blank. Now I cannot join or quit any guild, my guild information window wont appear, and I cannot quit or make a new guild at the guild register, all I get is a message saying "undefined guild error". Nice. NCsoft has tried to help, but basically said that Im s.o.l on this one, because they dont have a fix for the bug yet. Im wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and has fixed it.

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    i remember reading about someone with a problem very similar to this one (in fact i think she was the guild leader)... she remedied it by adding another character to the account, which somehow gave the game the kick in the pants it needed to display her correct guild info. you might want to try that.

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    Wow that actually worked, creating a RPG character did at least, I had only made new pvp characters while the bug was going. Thanks for the help

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